9 Best Ceiling Fans with Lights That Aren’t Ugly

ceiling fans with lights that aren't ugly

Sometimes, a room just needs a ceiling fan. Having that air flow can really help in some spaces, but it can be difficult to find a ceiling fan that is also attractive. I know when I was sourcing lighting years ago for our new house, finding ceiling fans that weren’t ugly was the hardest part.

I eventually stumbled on two that we picked up and still really love – one ceiling fan with acrylic blades (so cool) and another that has a very industrial look. They’ve been both great finds worth every penny – and they’re on this list.

Since then, many ceiling fans have come out that have innovate the old-school ceiling fan into something very chic, from chandeliers with retracting blades to curved wood blades with a very organic feel.

There’s a ceiling fan for everyone now and they are packed with smart features, remote controls, LED lights and much more. Let’s take a look at the 9 best ceiling fans with lights that aren’t ugly.

9 Best Ceiling Fans With Lights That Aren’t Ugly:

ceiling fans with lights that aren't ugly

1.Artemis Maple LED Smart Ceiling Fan:

This Smart fan can be controlled with an app or voice commands with your smart device. LED lights offer ambient lighting. Curved wooden blades give it a softer, more romantic look.

2. Savoy House Fandelier in Matte Black:

Perfect for the farmhouse or modern home. Fandaliers have really gotten better in the last couple of years. I wrote a whole post on my favorite fandaliers – and since posting it, I’ve bought two of them! Check out the full fandalier post here.

3. Savoy House Fandelier in Gold Patina: 

Such a cool look. I’ve seen this one in some influencer’s spaces on Instagram and it looks amazing. Find it on Amazon, here.

4. Parrot Uncle Chandelier with Retractable Blades: 

Such a cool style and when the blades retract, it looks like a regular chandelier. It’s also very affordably priced.

ceiling fans with lights that aren't ugly

5. Savoy House LED Fandelier in Gold:

Just like the matte black, but in gold – which gives it a whole new look.

6. Carro Black and Gold Ceiling Fan: 

Modern style and colors – great for a farmhouse or modern style home without a lot of embellishment.

7. Craftmade Acrylic Ceiling Fan:

acrylic ceiling fan

Can I be honest? I hesitate to show actual photos of my houses sometimes, because it’s not Instagram perfect. I have kids, I have dogs, I am not going to constantly replace things so the house looks perfect, but maybe you’ll appreciate just a real photo of my real house? I hope so. While this acrylic fan comes in 4 metal colors, from satin brass to matte black, they all have acrylic blades. I have the chrome color and it’s very cool (see photo above). People comment on it all the time, if they see it. It really sinks into the ceiling, which is especially great for small spaces, rooms with lower ceilings, or areas where you don’t want the focal point to be the light. Because it’s in my great room, which is an open space with the kitchen and dining room, I wanted that light to be a fan and also not distract from the pendant lights in the kitchen and chandelier in the dining room. It worked perfectly.

8. Cranbrook Retro Low Ceiling Fan:

Adorable retro fan with 4 color options for the base, the mint green, a light pink, black and dove gray, all with the oak blades. My cousin ended up picking this one and I wish I had a real picture for you, because it’s even cuter in person. I also love shopping with Lumens!

9. Peregrine Industrial Ceiling Fan: 

modern ceiling fan

Actual photos of this modern ceiling fan with a bit of an airplane propeller look that is in our loft. This is what it looks like when standing below it, and here’s what it looks like from the side:

modern ceiling fan

It really does have some cool detail to it. There are a lot of different color combinations to choose from, too. Well made and solid. The light is not very bright, though. It’s fine in the loft, where there’s other lighting, but we also had it in our boy’s room and it was too dim in there, so we just swapped it out yesterday for another light. This is the one we replaced it with and I’m in love with it so far.

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I hope you found something you loved today. Thanks for reading!

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