15 Old Money Bob Hairstyles That Just Look Rich

old money bob

There’s just something about a bob haircut – the way it frames the face and draws attention to you, instead of a ton of hair. I have a good friend who has always worn her hair in a bob and it’s often made me want to take the plunge and chop off my long layers.

2024 is the year of the bob, and not just any bob, but the Old Money Bob, a phrase used to describe that perfectly coiffed, healthy, shiny, beautiful hair that is often seen grazing the shoulders of the wealthy. The Old Money Bob can be any color – from natural gray to platinum blonde – and the styling can range from pin straight to full of bouncy waves. The result is the same: you are the star and your hair is your accessory.

So, if you’re looking for this to be the year that you take the plunge and go after short, spunky, vibrant hair, keep scrolling. I’ve got tons of Old Money Bob hair inspo for you. And, because this post is image heavy, some images might take a second to load as you scroll. Have no fear, the Old Money Bobs are here.

The Best Old Money Bobs:

1. Hailey Bieber’s Bob:

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There is no doubt that Hailey Bieber brought the bob back in a big way. Clearly, she could pull off anything with that bone structure, but the bob really brings out her striking features and screams confidence.

2. Zendaya’s Old Money Bob:

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These pictures of Zendaya’s hair have popped up so many times while I’ve been working on this post. She is wearing it longer now, as of most recent photos, but not too long ago, she had this incredible face framing, full and bouncy bob that is just perfection. If this ain’t the Old Money Bob, I don’t know what is.

3. Kourtney Kardashian’s Bob:

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For a second there, Kourtney unveiled a blonde bob, but it seems like she’s already gone dark again. Even still, it was a moment and deserves a place on this list.

4. Lily Collins at the Met:

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Lily Collins unveiled a bold bob at the Met Gala last year. I will always think of her from Emily in Paris now (I just love that show!!). This is a shorter, straighter bob than others on this list, but the little curl under at the bottom gives it bounce.

5. Heart Evangelista at Fashion Week:

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Heart Evangelista sported a simple, straight bob with a little pizzazz at Fashion Week. Friends of mine who wear bobs like this say it’s pretty wash and go – although I find that a little hard to believe, since if I wash and go – my hair gets a mind of its own. At least I can live vicariously through Heart and her perfectly smooth hair.

6. Anna Wintour’s Bob with Bangs:

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Perhaps one of the most iconic bobs of all time is Anna Wintour’s bob with bangs. She’s worn this look for a long time and it works with all trends because it’s classic. If you find something that works for you, work it hard, ladies.

7. Xenia Adonts Wavy Bob:

Embed from Getty Images

I really gravitate towards softer styles like this, possibly because this is what my hair is willing to do. Xenia shows the softer side of the bob here with the side part and soft waves.

8. Caroline Takrarit with a Curly Bob:

Embed from Getty Images

Can you do an Old Money Bob with curly hair? Yes. Yes you can. It’s going to give those curls incredible volume and really bring out the curl pattern. Gorgeous.

9. Ayo Edebiri with a Sleek Bob:

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This sleek bob is beautiful on Ayo. A great look if you just don’t want your hair all up in your face or want to lighten up – literally – with a look that is going to be easy to care for and always look chic.

10. Carey Mulligan with the Center Part Bob:

Embed from Getty Images

A classic, center part, Old Money Bob here. Carey Mulligan personifies the trend and shows us all why it’s a look that will never go out of style.

11. America Ferrara with a Hollywood Bob:

Embed from Getty Images

Did you see her in Barbie? She’s always been a fave, but that performance was incredible. Her little Hollywood Old Money Bob is incredible, too. Love the little flip out at the ends.

12. Sofia Boutella in a Fiery Bob:

Embed from Getty Images

Obsessd with this fiery red dress and the slightly unruly bob is the perfect compliment to the look. The whole range of pictures from this are so good, I found it almost impossible to choose just one for this.

Here’s another one of her where she wears the bob straight. It’s such a versatile cut!

Embed from Getty Images

13. Margaret Qualley with a Wild Bob:

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Proof that you don’t have to overstyle a bob at all. Let your hair go, let it be a little unruly, let it do it’s own thing. Margaret looks amazing and you will, too.

14. Deborah Ababio Slays the Center Part Bob:

Embed from Getty Images

Love this version of the center part bob on Deborah Ababio. All of these examples really go to show that you can do this look whether your hair is light or dark, straight or curly. If you like it, you can make it work.

15. Rachel Leviss from Vanderpump Rules:

Embed from Getty Images

Alright, I couldn’t resist. If you are a reality TV lover like I am, you were probably watching Scandoval with your jaw on the floor. Rachel Leviss (formerly Raquel) has been wearing this wavy little bob for awhile now and it suits her personality and look perfectly. Now, will you be watching the new season of VPR? I saw the premiere last night and it’ll be interesting to watch the aftermath of Scandoval without Raquel/Rachel! Do you think she’ll ever come back to the show?

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