40 Cool Russian Boy Names for your Smart Boy!

russian boy names

Russian boy names are slightly less common than the gorgeous Russian girl names I shared in this post.

While some Russian names for boys are more mainstream and have even cracked the top boy name lists, others have a distinctive Russian flair that make them both unique and memorable.

For this list, I’ve curated the best Russian boy names for the international family, favoring the easier to pronounce and spell.

Let’s take a look!

The Best Russian Boy Names:

russian boy names

  1. Alek – love this chic take on the popular Alex
  2. Aleksandr
  3. Alexei
  4. Anatoli
  5. Arman
  6. Arseni
  7. Damien
  8. Danil
  9. Demyan
  10. Dimitre
  11. Dmitrik
  12. Edmon
  13. Eriks
  14. Fedor
  15. Gedeon
  16. Georgi
  17. Hedeon
  18. Ilari
  19. Israil
  20. Ivan
  21. Jeramie
  22. Karlen
  23. Kesar
  24. Konstantin
  25. Lev
  26. Maksim
  27. Mikhail
  28. Natan
  29. Nikolai
  30. Pasha
  31. Pavel
  32. Rolan
  33. Sergei
  34. Simeon
  35. Todor
  36. Viktor
  37. Vlad
  38. Yeremy
  39. Yuri
  40. Zavid


Such great names! I love Nikolai and Simeon – and, of course, Alek is very cool.

Which one is your favorite?

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If you’ve picked your baby name, tell us in the comments below!

Happy baby naming!


russian boy names



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