Splurge or Save: Serena & Lily Rugs & Lookalikes

Serena & Lily rug dupes

Serena & Lily is one of my favorite designers. They really have perfected the art of coastal cool home decor. It’s refined, but comfortable. Chic, but lived in. It’s that perfect blend, in my opinion. But, while I love everything they do, I wouldn’t have a 401k if I bought all of their designs. So, that sends me on the hunt for looks that are similar enough that I can get that coastal vibe, without destroying my retirement. Sometimes, though, I do save up for that perfect S&L piece, and I can absolutely vouch for the quality and customer service.

If you’ve been eyeing that Serena & Lily rug, this is the post for you. I’ve rounded up a bunch of their bestselling rugs and offered more affordable alternatives. None of the looks for less are going to be a perfect match, but they might be close enough to get you the vibe you want at a price you’re comfortable with. Or, it might just help you make the decision to invest in that one perfect piece. If you do, now is a great time, because at time of posting, they are having a huge 25% off sale. It’s exactly why I might just spring for that wallpaper I’ve been drooling over (This one, I love it. Obsessed).

For comparison, all rug prices are for a size 8×10 or similar. Also, prices are subject to change or can be on sale, so check for your desired size and current prices whenever you find this post! These are affiliate links for companies I’ve shopped myself and can vouch for the quality. If you choose to make a purchase through my links, I may receive a commission at no cost to you. Let’s go!

Gorgeous Serena & Lily Rugs and Looks For Less:

Serena & Lily rug dupes

1. Serena & Lily Mirabelle Rug:

Serena & Lily rug dupes

Serena & Lily Mirabelle Rug – Available in 2 colors, many sizes

Birdwood Area Rug – Available in 4 colors, many sizes

2. Serena & Lily Jute Scalloped Rug:

Serena & Lily rug dupes

Serena & Lily Jute Scalloped Rug – Available in quite a few sizes

Scalloped Jute Rug – Available in lots of different options and sizes!

3. Serena & Lily Ryder Rug:

Serena & Lily rug dupes

Serena & Lily Ryder Rug – Two colors and lots of sizes

NuLoom Trellice Area Rug – Available in lots of sizes and 5 colors!

4. Serena & Lily Border Rug:

Serena & Lily rug dupes

Serena & Lily Jute Border Rug – Available in three colors, the lookalike is similar to coastal blue.

Kinsey Natural Border Jute Rug – No fringe, but otherwise so close!

5. Serena & Lily Gingham Rug:

Serena & Lily rug dupes

Serena & Lily Gingham Rug – Available in two beautiful colors and lots of sizes

Momeni Light Blue Handwoven Rug – Lots of sizes, price may vary

6. Serena & Lily Eastview Handknotted Rug:

Serena & Lily rug dupes

Serena & Lily Eastview Handknotted Rug

Safavieh Antique Patima Rug – Two beautiful colors

7. Serena & Lily Westside Handknotted Rug:

Serena & Lily rug dupes

Serena & Lily Westside Handknotted Rug – Gorgeous. It would be very difficult to dupe the design on this one. It’s very unique to S&L. Closest thing you can do is get a similar color rug.

Karley Area Rug – Pretty rug and a similar French blue/periwinkle. For more rugs in this color, check out this post where I match blue rugs to a popular Caitlin Wilson French blue rug – and I have one of these in my own bedroom. It’s a bestseller on the blog. It’s beautiful.

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I hope you found the perfect rug today! If you did, tag me @ispyfabulous once you get it, so I can see which one you picked!

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