117 Strong Short Boy Names for Your Little Buddy!

short boy names

Short names have such a cool confidence about them. I didn’t expect everyone to love my post on sophisticated short girl names so much, but since you did – it seems only fair to also write one on the best short, single syllable boy names, too.

Fair is fair 😉

Single Syllable Boy Names I Love:

There are quite a few short boy names that were at the top of our lists when we were picking names. Luke, Kai and Blake were always favorites of mine.

It’s so interesting to me how parents end up picking names. I thought for sure my son would have a short first name, but he ended up with a monosyllable middle name instead: Jai, pronounced like Jay, in honor of my brother.

I will always love the sound of a short first name, though, so I’m hoping these inspire you and I can live vicariously through your one syllable baby name choice.

The Best Short Boy Names:

short boy names

I rounded up a list of the best, strongest boy names that are just one syllable long. These short names just might become your new favorites, so don’t forget to print the free baby name list tracker and start jotting down your faves.

Let’s get to it!

  1. Abe
  2. Ace
  3. Art
  4. Al
  5. Ash
  6. Bear
  7. Beau
  8. Ben
  9. Blake
  10. Brant
  11. Brooks
  12. Bryce
  13. Cade
  14. Cal
  15. Cam
  16. Cash
  17. Case
  18. Chad
  19. Chase
  20. Chance
  21. Clay
  22. Clark
  23. Craig
  24. Crew
  25. Cruz
  26. Cole
  27. Colt
  28. Craig
  29. Dale
  30. Dane
  31. Dash
  32. Dean
  33. Drake
  34. Drew
  35. Duke
  36. Finn
  37. Flynn
  38. Ford
  39. Fox
  40. Gabe
  41. Gage
  42. Glenn
  43. Grant
  44. Greg
  45. Gray
  46. Guy
  47. Hank
  48. Hayes
  49. Heath
  50. Holt
  51. Hugh
  52. Ike
  53. Jace
  54. Jack
  55. Jake
  56. James
  57. Jai
  58. Jax
  59. Jett
  60. Joel
  61. John
  62. Jude

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  1. Kai
  2. Keith
  3. Kent
  4. Knox
  5. Kyle
  6. Lee
  7. Len
  8. Leif
  9. Luke
  10. Mack
  11. Mark
  12. Matt
  13. Max
  14. Nash
  15. Nate
  16. Neil
  17. Nell
  18. Paul
  19. Pax
  20. Penn
  21. Pierce
  22. Quinn
  23. Reed
  24. Reign or Rainn
  25. Ren – Also featured on my list of 56 modern Japanese boy names!
  26. Rex
  27. Rhett
  28. Rhys
  29. Rome
  30. Ross
  31. Roy
  32. Russ
  33. Rye
  34. Sam
  35. Seth
  36. Scott
  37. Shane
  38. Shay
  39. Sid
  40. Slate
  41. Tate
  42. Tim
  43. Todd
  44. Tom
  45. Trace
  46. Troy
  47. Ty
  48. Taz
  49. Vance
  50. Wells
  51. Wess
  52. Will
  53. Wynn
  54. Zane
  55. Zack
  56. Zeek

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Aren’t these names so fun? I just love so many of these.

Some of them sound like nicknames, but I actually like it when people just name their kid what they are going to call them.

It’s bold and cool and I like it.

Which of these names are your favorites? Tell me in the comments below!

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Feel free to check out some other fun baby boy name posts on the blog:

Have a fabulous day,




short boy names

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