9 Washable Rugs That Are So Chic

washable rugs

It’s no secret I love a good area rug. I have them throughout my house and swap them out whenever the mood strikes. However, with pets and kids in the house, sometimes a rug gets tossed earlier than I’d like, because it just can’t be cleaned properly.

That’s why I’ve started to only buy washable rugs. The washable rug game is stronger than ever and there are so many sizes and designs available now. Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite washable rugs on the market, including some of the ones I have in my own home right now and love.

In fact, my two newest ones are so good, even I had a hard time believing they are washable. You don’t need a detachable, washable top anymore. Now, the entire rug is designed to just go straight into the washer, which makes it easier than ever to find the perfect washable rug for your space that doesn’t even look like a washable rug. Let’s take a look at my new favorite washable rugs.

9 Washable Rugs You’ll Love:

washable rugs

1. Faux Sheepskin Pelt Plush Cloud Washable Area Rug:

I had no idea there were washable faux sheepskin rugs out there and I’m loving this one. It can work in so many space. Right now, it’s in my office, but I’ve also had it in my daughter’s room and in the play room. Everybody loves this rug. It’s super thick and soft and delicious. We had a faux fur rug years ago that had to get tossed because of a puppy accident, so I haven’t wanted to replace it. But now, I don’t have to worry about it getting destroyed by kids or pets, because I can just put the whole thing in the washer. Plus, I can’t believe how affordable it is. E

Shop the Faux Sheepskin Washable Rug Here

2. Lauren Liess x Rugs USA Ivory Moonglade Washable Striped Area Rug:

washable rugs

I am stunned that this plush rug is washable. Can’t even believe it. The second I unrolled it, I was in love with it. Even my kids are commenting on it and that’s when you know it’s good. This rug has found its home in our loft, which is a really hard-working space for us. It’s part LEGO building zone, part movie hangout, and part video game central. There’s even a giant bean bag for curling up with a good book. We needed a big cozy rug to pull it all together and this one was perfect. I know this isn’t the fanciest, most instagrammable room, but it’s our real life and that’s what a lot of us need: home decor that is going to keep up with our families. I absolutely love how thick and soft it is and the modern lines is a perfect compliment to the modern black/white/blue palette we have going in the room.

Shop the Lauren Liess x Rugs USA Moonglade Washable Rug Here

3. Blue Aida Washable Stencil Area Rug:

Absolutely love this rug, too. Such a close second to the Lauren Liess one that I picked. I have this bluish gray color throughout my home and combined with this beautiful stencil design is perfect. In fact, I’m thinking of switching out the blue rug in our bedroom for this one, since our current one is not washable and is getting a bit old.

Shop the Blue Aida Washable Stencil Area Rug Here

4. White Diamond Pinstripes Washable Area Rug:

This is one of those rugs that would work in so many spaces and mesh with a lot of home decor styles. In fact, I’ve shown this rug before in other posts and it’s always a big hit. This one is washable, too, which makes it even easier to dive in with a light colored rug like this.

Shop the White Diamond Pinstripes Washable Area Rug Here

5. Prabal Gurung x Rugs USA Pink Bagmati Washable Area Rug:

The entire Prabal Gurung collab with Rugs USA is amazing. I really loved this reddish and blue design. I have a big red and blue Persian rug in our main living room and it’s one of my favorite home decor pieces ever. This one reminds me a lot of it, for a fraction of the price. And, it’s washable, which is just another big bonus.

Shop the Prabal Gurung x Rugs USA Pink Bagmati Washable Area Rug Here

6. Lauren Liess x Rugs USA Dark Grey Bayberry Vintage Washable Area Rug:

Another designer rug that you can shove in the washer. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Changing the game. This one comes in a variety of beautiful colors, but this dark grey is my favorite. So dramatic and will add a lot of depth to any space.

Shop the Bayberry Vintage Washable Area Rug Here

7. Ruggable x Morris & Co. Honeysuckle & Tulip Indigo Rug:

Ruggable is another washable rug company I have a few rugs from. I like that they attach to the no-slip base. You take the topper off to wash it and then put it back on. The corners do roll up a little, which is annoying sometimes, but the cushion pad that you can get is really nice under your feet. The Morris & Co. design collab is really good, too.

Shop the Morris & Co. Honeysuckle & Tulip Indigo Rug Here

8. Boutique Rugs Ganyangan Washable Rug:

This bestselling rug is a beautiful design that reminds me a lot of higher end rugs from places like McGee & Co. This one is also, of course, washable and the softer muted tones would look great in so many spaces. I’ve ordered from Boutique Rugs a number of times and always been very happy with them.

Shop the Boutique Rugs Ganyangan Washable Rug Here

9. Art & Tuft Washable Moroccan Rug:

You won’t believe the price on this one. Out of this world. Available in other patterns/colors, too. And, you can ship it from Amazon, which makes it so easy. It does say it’s a thin rug, which might be what you’re looking for and might not. Either way, Art & Tufts washable rugs are worth a good look.

Shop the Art & Tuft Washable Moroccan Rug Here


Tips for Washing Your Rugs:

Before you stuff that rug in the washer, here are some tips that I’ve learned to help you get the most out of your washable rug:

  • Spot clean first and right away when you notice spills or spots
  • Only use approved cleaners in the care section for your rug or you might remove some of the colors in the rug
  • Vacuum it before putting it in the washer
  • Follow all directions for temperature and type of cycle
  • Wash it by itself with nothing else
  • Some rugs allow for a low heat dry and others need to be air dried. Follow all instructions.
  • If air drying, be sure to lay it out in a way that won’t cause it to get wrinkled or be walked on while drying
  • Once dry, you may need to vacuum again to remove any pilling and then you should be good to go!
  • Wait until it’s fully dry to put it back in a high traffic area

I have noticed that some washable rugs do fade the more you wash them, so I always try to limit washing until it really needs it, so they last as long as possible. I have not had any issues with rugs falling apart of coming out damaged, but I do follow all the instructions carefully.

The more you wash them, the sooner you’ll see wear and tear, so try to spot clean as much as possible, like you would with a rug that is not washable.

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