Hi, I'm Erica – former teacher turned copywriter, now blogger, and serious coffee drinker. I believe products should be clean, coffee should be strong, and women should be who and what they want. 

I started I Spy to be the modern woman's manifesto: it's all about your goals, your health, your family, and your style. I believe we can all create a fabulous life and I want to offer my survival guide tips along the way. Whether it's the best beauty products for your budget, something fun to do with the kids or how to improve your confidence so you get up everyday and hustle, there's something for you here.

The pursuit of having it all should also be fun – so grab a coffee, get ready for lifestyle tips with a strong side of sass and gifs, and let's tell each other everything.

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blogging for beginners

This blog began as my creative adventure after years of freelance writing for hundreds of companies all over the world – many of those household names like Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Energizer, NOW Foods, Disney, Ford, the Texas Rangers and many more. 

Before writing, I taught middle-school English and classical piano to the coolest kids around and they taught me incredible lessons about how to design content and deliver it in a way that will get the desired result. Nobody has a shorter attention span than a teenager!

Now, I am obsessed with content creation, curating a fabulous life, and drinking all the coffee while sharing everything I know with you.

If you retain nothing else, always remember the most important rule of beauty, which is: who cares?

― Tina Fey

Before the birth of my son, I’d always lived like I was on a bullet train. He was born with some unexpected health issues and I became obsessed with researching everything I could find to help him. Then, a year later, I joined the 50 million Americans diagnosed with an autoimmune disease – most of them women.

Using my mad research skills and endless supply of mama bear grit, I went down the rabbithole of homeopathy and natural living to learn everything I could about healing our bodies. 

Over time, I hope to share more about our journeys, from the supplements I take everyday, to why I started pilates, and how to sleep when everything hurts. 

Thanks for being here, for staying awhile, and hopefully, becoming a friend. Let's link arms, speak up, and charge forward into a future we design for ourselves. 

Above all, be the heroine of your life – not the victim.

― Nora Ephron

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