18 Gorgeous Entryway Tables for your Foyer

entryway console tables

Regardless of the size of your entryway, there’s usually at least a little room for some kind of console table where you can easily drop your keys and kick off your shoes after a long day. But, finding the right entryway for your style, space, and budget can be tricky. There’s seemingly endless options out there and that can make the process of choosing one a challenge.

The most important things you want to consider are the size of your space. This will help you decide what kind of entryway table you can fit. And remember the old adage – measure twice, order once. Another question is how do you want to use the entryway? Do you want to put baskets for shoes or blankets or would you rather just have a decorated table that doesn’t end up a drop zone for all the things? Do you want the table to be a statement and draw the eye, or is there something else in the room that you want the focus to go to, so your entryway should blend in more? These are the kinds of things to ask yourself when choosing a table.

Once you have an idea of how much space you have and if you want the entryway to be a drop zone or just a decorated space, you are ready to go shopping! Make sure to check measurements for any table before you buy. I think we’ve all ordered something only to have its how up and not fit.

Let’s take a look at some gorgeous entryway tables! Also, heads up this post is image heavy and sometimes images can take a second or two to load. Have no fear, the images are here.

6 Large Console Tables with Storage:

entryway console tables

1.World Market Weathered Natural Foyer Table

entryway console tables

This affordable piece has been styled by so many interior designers, because its a great piece. I’ve seen it in person and it looks a lot more expensive than it is. It is long, so make sure you measure. It also makes a great piece for behind a sofa and the bottom shelf allows you to put baskets or other decor.

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2. Metalwork Console

entryway console tables

This beautiful modern console comes in 2 sizes and 3 colors – the green is so cool! The shelf on the bottom is narrow, but can fit small baskets, books, or other decor. The three drawers are great for hiding things like remotes, keys, and more. Love the streamlined look.

3. Folsom Console Table

entryway console tables

c/o Pottery Barn

I’ve shared this before and it’s been a hit. There’s three colors of wood available, but I am partial to this Desert Pine stain. It would go with everything. The shape is really unique, and the fact that the bottom shelf is on the floor means you don’t have to worry about lets scratching the floor or unstable bottom shelves.

4. Lewis 3-Drawer Console

entryway console tables

Love this bone colored console. Sometimes you don’t want your console table to get all the focus, but you want something beautiful with a little drama. This fits the bill. It also comes in black which is going to give you a more high imapct result. Both are great.

5. Solid Wood Accent Chest

entryway console tables

Truly obsessed with this console table. It would be so perfect in my entryway, actually, and it makes me want to throw out the one I have and move this one in pronto. It comes in three colors, but this black with gold has my heart. A truly stunning piece.

6. Fern Entryway Console Table

entryway console tables

The iconic Fern Cabinet from Anthropologie now has an expanded line of console tables, dressers and more. This is currently available in the sage green, a white, and a black, and all of them are gorgeous. The marble top and design of these pieces is next level. You’ve gotta click on it to see more. It’s so well done.

6 Smaller Console Tables with Special Details:

entryway console tables

1.Santa Rose Entry Console

entryway console tables

Love the cool shape of this console table. It would add so much visual interest to an entryway, without taking up a lot of space. There’s no room for baskets or decor, which is nice in smaller entryways where you don’t want a pile of shoes that missed the basket anyway. The light oak wood color is very in right now and would go beautifully with a coastal or transitional style. The price is amazing!

2. Dowel Console Table

entryway console tables

When you want your console table to make a statement – put this one in your foyer. The fluted, rounded legs are going to stand out and the honey colored wood adds worth, but also a pop of visual interest. Under $300, too!

3. Palma Arched Console Table

entryway console tables

This dark wood is a departure from the light whitewashed wood that have been everywhere, but the depth of the color makes it highly versatile. Also, the arches are a subtle nod to the arched trend, without being overdone or too trendy. A classic piece that’ll be timeless.

4. Waterfall Inlay Console Table

entryway console tables

This one is gorgeous. With brass caps on the legs and a bone inlay detail that will stop you in your tracks, this is a piece of art as much as it is a piece of furniture. Comes in two stunning color options – a blue and white or a neutral beige and white. Both incredible.

5. Topia Console Table

entryway console tables

This one reminds me of the vintage secretary desks that are amazing. They do style this with a tall stool, that is also incredibly designed, and the pairing just makes such great use of a space. What a great way to make your foyer really work for you. Comes in two beautiful stains, this black, which I’m partial to, and a natural color that is a bit warmer than the greige colors, but not quite honey.

6. Macello Brown Oak Console Table

entryway console tables

The lines of this console table really spoke to me. I love the shape of the legs and the slightly oval shape of the top. The way they’ve styled it is absolute perfection. It looks a lot more expensive than it is. It’s not the cheapest console on this list, but it’s certainly not the most expensive either.

6 Half-Moon Console Tables:

1.Alexandra Demilune Console Table

entryway console tables

c/o Pottery Barn

If you don’t have a large space or don’t want a really imposing table, a half moon table shaped like this one is perfect. It’s going to offer you a place to anchor the foyer, a little bit of storage and decor, and that’s it. This gray washed wood with the marble top is perfection and I adore it.

2. Aberdale Console with Marble Top

entryway console tables

Another half moon with marble top console, but this one has more detail in the legs. Great for traditional, farmhouse and transitional home styles. There are three wood color options, but this black one really spoke to me. A beautiful piece that almost looks vintage.

3. Martha Stewart Reclaimed Greige Half-Moon Table – This affordable piece looks so much more expensive. The fluted detail, the greige stain, the gold knobs – it’s all so good. Would give a small entryway or even a little nook so much style.

4. Cornwall Console – This table is coastal perfection. The leg design is so charming and fun, plus it’s unexpected. I have never seen anything quite like it. Love.

5. Thousand Oaks Scalloped Wood Console

entryway console tables

Another affordable find with so much style! The black wood would add drama, while the scalloped wood has texture and detail. For just $250 – this is a piece you’ll have for a long time.

6. Aria Console Table

entryway console tables

Listen, the detail on this one is GORGEOUS. Click on it to get a better look. The design of the wood on the back, as well as the marble knob is insane. I’m obsessed. Somebody please buy this and then tag me on social media @ispyfabulous so I can drool over it with you.


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I honestly love all of these pieces! I wish I had space for so many of them. I hope you found one that you loved. There’s a ton more home decor round-ups on the block, so check them out if you’re still looking for that perfect piece.

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