13 Color Drenching Examples That’ll Inspire You To Paint Everything

color drenching

Color drenching is taking the design world by storm and people all over social media are grabbing their paint brushes to color drench their own spaces. What is so captivating about this design trend – and is it something that is going to stick around for awhile?

Well, some designers argue that color drenching has been around for a long time and social media is simply putting a spotlight on it, and when I think about it, they’re right. The difference, though, might be in the colors that people are using for color drenching now – from moody greens to dramatic blacks. And, while you can certainly color drench using neutral tones (and many have and do), you are not going to get that same wow factor with these colors. In fact, I’m sitting in a color drenched room right now, but because the colors are light grays, you don’t really notice it.

What is Color Drenching?

Color drenching is when an entire space is painted one color, from the walls, to the ceilings, and even the trim and baseboards. It can be any color you want, but if you’re painting all available surfaces in that color – you are color drenching. The idea is that it creates a more seamless space, so you don’t see all of those contrasting points where the wall meets the baseboard or the ceiling meets the wall. It also means making less paint choices, too, since you’re just getting the same color in different formulas.

And that leads us to an important point – what formulas are they using on different parts of the room? I’ve found that this varies quite a bit based on the color you’re using and how much light you want interacting with the color. Typically, ceiling paint is flat and thicker, so it drips less. Then walls are going to be satin or eggshell. Trim can be flat, eggshell, or even semi-gloss for a high sheen look. There’s no right or wrong here. Personally, I hate flat paint after living with it for the last seven years. It was in the house when we bought it and we didn’t think to paint before moving in. It shows absolutely everything and it’s impossible to clean. With dogs and kids, I do not recommend it and I’ll never use flat paint on anything but ceilings ever again.

Take that with a grain of salt, though, and choose what works for you. Now, if you’ve been considering the color drenching trend, let’s take a look at a bunch of spaces that will make you stop and stare. All of these are from designers I feel inspired by, so if you feel the same, click the links to see more from your favorites below.

1. Color Drenched Library  by Marie Flanigan Interiors:

Holy moly, this deep burgundy red is a stunner! I just stopped and stared at this one. I’m not the only one in love with it, it’s been featured in House Beautiful! Here’s the sources for everyone responsible for this stunner:

Interior Design @marieflaniganinteriors
Publication @housebeautiful
Words @jesscherner
Photography @juliesoefer
Styling @jbheditorial

2. Color Drenched Bathroom by Eanes Interiors:


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A post shared by Shelby Eanes (@eanesinteriors)

Have you thought about matching your wall color to your tile? This funky green tile could’ve gone sideways, but instead it went viral. And click on the post to head to her Instagram and find out the secret – spoiler alert: it’s peel and stick tile! Get all the links through her Instagram so she can get credit for it.

3. ColorCo Drenched Coastal Bathroom by Blushing Boho:

I’ve followed Blushing Boho for years and just love her soft, feminine, coastal designs. They have color, but not punch-you-in-your-face color. I’m obsessed with this dusty blue. Notice how the window trim and the basebaords are all painted the same color as the walls? Color drenching 101, friends. In this case, she opted not to do the ceiling, which I’m a fan of. I think the white is a great contrast and it lets more light into the room. Remember that you make the rules for what you want in your home, so take color drenching as far as you want it to go.

4. Color Drenched Bedroom by House On Oak Lane:

Every detail about this boys’ bedroom is so good. The paneling, the moody blue color, the color drenching, the mix of woods to add warmth – I adore it all. I love that the slanted ceilings become a focal point and a beautiful architectural detail when they are paneled and painted as well. This could become an eye sore, but instead it draws the eye and gives the room the feeling of a cozy nook. I love it and I bet her boys do, too.

5. Color Drenched Powder Bathroom by Ashley Lyn Home:


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A post shared by Ashley (@ashleylynhome)

This moody green is gorgeous. The contrast with the gold hardware and mirror is so good. Notice that even the little shelf is painted the same color so it blends in with the wall. Such a great example of how to level up a small space, like a powder bathroom, with just paint.

6. Color Drenched Basement by Shapes for the People:


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A post shared by Madeline Shaw (@shapesforthepeople)

I love how they color drenched a small space in their basement and then let the other walls create contrast. This makes it like a secret little hide-out where you can go to relax. The gorgeous plum color is so unexpected, too, and while many steer away from darker colors in basements where there isn’t any natural light, this shows you exactly how you can incorporate darker colors without making it too closed in.

 7. Color Drenched Scullery by Lindsay Gerber Interiors:

This stopped the scroll. I am obsessed with this scullery, painted in a color called “Yacht Club”. The combo with the floors, the cabinetry, the fixtures, the counters…..ahhh it’s *chef’s kiss*. Here’s the list of brilliant people responsible for this:

Interiors @lindsaygerberinteriors
Photographer @nicole_franzen
Architect @josephfarrellarchitecture
Builder @trainorbuilders

8. Color Drenched Sitting Room by Farrow & Ball:

color drenching

c/o Farrow & Ball

This red clay color is magnificent and I wouldn’t normally think to use it on every surface of a room, but in this inspiration photo from Farrow & Ball, it is stunning. The contrast with the marble fire surround is gorgeous and I love how the red clay color brings out the detail in the ceiling trim.

9. Color Drenched Hallway by Farrow & Ball:

color drenching

c/o Farrow & Ball

Talk about color drenching. Even the boots, clothes, and art are in complimentary shades of this rich navy hue. I love navy blue, it might even be my favorite color, so this Hague Blue spoke to me. Although, I would love to see a pop of color here, maybe with some yellow rain boots or even a colorful rug. Navy is one of those colors that plays so well with others.

10. Color Drenched Laundry Room by Arceri Interiors:

I’m obsessed with everything that this designer does. She just goes for it and 100% owns her own style and preferences. Her home is so cohesive, without it being a copy/paste situation. She’s redoing her backyard right now and I’m loving all the European garden vibes she’s going for. Follow her for serious design inspo, just be careful, it might make you want to just burn your house down and start all over.

11. Color Drenched Bathroom by A Freckled Fawn Design:

This video shows how much painting is involved in color drenching. She does the ceiling, the walls, the trim, everything. And there are other details painted the same color as well. Now, you don’t have to do everything if you don’t want to, but if you love this look – that’s one way to get this effect.

12. Color Drenching with Pink by Home Sweet Home With K:

I have been looking for a pink example of color drenching and finally found this adorable example! You can see the difference in this light, fresh pink paint color vs. a darker color and how that impacts the we our eyes register the color drenching. This is an adorable and sweet space.

13. Color Drenched Office by Amanda Barnes Interiors:

Think you can’t paint an entire room black? Think again. This shows you how to do it. Absolutely gorgeous. I love this designer’s work. She is so, so talented.

Credit goes to @andrewlafrancephoto for the stunning photograpy here.


I’ll be on the lookout for more examples of color drenching and when I find them – I’ll add them to this post. I love how different color drenching can look based on the color chosen and the way it’s used in a space.

Would you use color drenching in your own home?

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