21 Red & Auburn Hair Color Ideas for a Fiery Transformation

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If you’ve been following my posts, you know that near the end of last year I tried an auburn hair glaze and absolutely loved it. I hadn’t gone red in many years, mostly because with my gray hair coming in, I thought it wouldn’t be a great idea to go with warmer tones like reds. I’ve been trying to stick with highlights and cooler toned browns so that the gray blended in better with my dark hair, but I got bored with it and was ready for something new.

So, I went auburn red and my old highlights went to a coppery red for little pops of fire and….spoiler alert…I absolutely loved it. I’ve stayed varying shades of red for my last couple of color appointments and am still vibing with it. Sure, the gray grow out does not blend in at all, but right around the time that the contrast starts bothering me, it’s time to go back and freshen it up.

My rediscovered love for red hair can be seen in my social media likes, too. If you could see my saved feed, you’d see all of the gorgeous red hair colors I’ve been saving for reference. That’s why I thought it would be fun to share those with you. Maybe one of these will inspire a new hair color or color refresh for 2024. In some cases, the images can take a second to load, because they’re embedded from Instagram so the creators get credit for them. Give it a couple seconds to pop up if you’re not seeing them right away.

Red Hair Color Inspo:

1. Dimensional Copper by Rylee Heyza Hair:

This is similar to what my hair looked like when my old highlights took the red and became copper like tendrils with a deeper, warmer red base. Although, this girls hair and the curls are so much better. Overall, I love everything about this. 10/10 would recommend. See more of her work on her Instagram here.

2. Fire in the Park by Tatiane Santos:

I mean, wow. I can’t stop staring at this one. It doesn’t hurt that she has thick, gorgeous hair and then the color placement is *chef’s kiss*. You’d have to fly to Brazil to work with this hair artist, but really, it just might be worth it. See more of her work here.

3. Fiery Red by Hanny Boni:


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A post shared by Ruivos Do Brasil (@ruivosdobrasil)

You’d need to be bold and ready to turn heads if you’re going to go this red, but boy would it be worth it. The way this bright red compliments her complexion is incredible. She’s a Brazilian model and wears that red like she was born with it. See more of her photos here.

4. Shades of Copper by Ali The Artist/Dayton Hair Extensions:

Ready for copper, but don’t want to go all over? Use the bright copper for pops and the blend it into a richer, dark copper base. Best of both worlds. The cut here also is right on the money. Divine. See more of her work here.

5. Auburn Red by Amie Jordan:


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A post shared by Amie Jordan (@amiejordan.hair)

I had a couple people comment on my new hair color by saying they like it, but they don’t feel like they could ever pull it off. But, there are so many possible combinations of red hair color. Sure, the brighter colors and the coppers really catch your eye, but deep auburn reds like this one are still gorgeous and more subtle. In the sunlight, though, a color like this is going to shimmer beautifully. See more of her work here.

6. Copper Cowboy by Ariana Jiron:

What a transformation! A great example, too, of how red works on so many complexions. Of course, she was gorgeous as a blonde, but this fiery copper makes her skin luminous and her eyes sparkle. Love that she dove right into the red pool with both feet and the result is fire. Be sure to talk to your stylist and get their recommendations for the perfect shade for you. Ariana Jiron is a lead stylist and the genius behind this look and you can find her at Coco Marie Salon and Extensions. They have two locations in Colorado! See more of her work here.

7. Red & Copper Balayage by Kylee Akina:


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A post shared by Kylee Akina (@jxnandco)

Slay! This stylist brought the heat with this incredible red balayage. I love the little peekaboo effect when the hair is lifted and the highlights pop all the way through. This will look divine when she has her hair up, too! The stylist described the color as “cherry peach strawberry passion orange guava skittle blended sweet potato pie Frappuccino with 2 pumps kumquat syrup and pomegranate raspberry swirl add tomato walls… no ice extra hot and yes I would like a straw” – which really, just sums it right up. See more of her work here. 

8. Spiced Apple Cider by Blend ‘n Snip:

Holy moly. Stop scrolling and just take a minute to soak in all the shimmery, red goodness here. There’s a video of this on her page as well and you can see how the light reflects off the hair and shows the dimension even more. Go here to check it out. 

9. Pumpkin Meets Latte by Alex Mercedes:

I love seeing a dimensional red on shorter hair. This lob is so well done and it shows off all of the different tones of red that are happening here. It’s a very happy marriage, with pops of bright red and copper supported by the depth and richness of a warm red/auburn base. See more of her work here. 

10. Red Hot Bob by Mickey Colon Jr:


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A post shared by Amilcar Colon (@mickeycolonjr)

This makes me think of those Hot Tamale candies, not because of the color, but also because of the name. What a gorgeous red bob! His notes say it was inspired by Megan Fox’s recent chop and color change. This is vibrant against her skin tone, too. See more of his incredible work here.

11. Red Balayage by Karla Leschitz:

Absolutely love how this changes colors from root to tip. The colors are so well blended, too. She gives a sneak peek at her formula, which stylists love. In her notes, she mentions that this was glossed over balayage ends, which makes me think it was a similar situation to mine, where there was grown-out lightened hair and the gloss was applied over it to get this coppery color. My stylist mentioned that you can’t get that lighter red color without lightening the hair, so if you’re adding that to virgin hair, expect to have to do some color lifting and make sure to take good care of your hair after (masks, oils, etc.) See more of her work here.

12. Strawberry Wine by @theUnorthodoxstylist:

Allison is a tour de force when it comes to creating incredible hair color and jaw-dropping transformations. This beautiful deep red with little tendrils of lighter reds is perfect, but honestly, I had a hard time choosing just one color from her. Make sure to go to her Instagram to look at more of her work.

13. Red Velvet by @samihairmagic:


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A post shared by Sami Schneider (@samihairmagic)

Such depth to this color with pops of brightness. One comment on this post called this a “a beautiful slice of red velvet cake” and that pretty much sums this up. Check out more of Sami’s work here.

14. Champagne Rose by Kirsi Kivi:


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A post shared by Kirsi Kivi (@hairbykirsikivi)

Get a reddish/pinkish hue in a more muted way with something softer like this champagne rose color that is so good, you could bottle it up and sell it. You’ll love that Kirsi shares her formula, too, although you’ll want your stylist to adapt it to the current color/condition of your hair. See more of her work here.

15. Auburn by Denis Dervisi:


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A post shared by Denis Dervisi (@denisdervisi)

Here is a stunning example of auburn red. Wow, I literally cannot stop staring at this one. I really believe there is a red for everyone, you just have to find the right shade for you. See more of Denis’ work here.

16. Red Magic by Denis Dervisi:


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A post shared by Denis Dervisi (@denisdervisi)

I couldn’t help but share another red from Denis, who is a master of color. This is the perfect hybrid between copper cowboy and red. Gorgeous.

17. Shades of Red by Sahil Bhatti:

I love a great infographic that sets different colors side by side. For those of us that aren’t behind the chair, it really helps to see all of the options within a range of color. Sahil is an incredible stylist. Check out more of his work here. 

18. Scarlett by Hailey Watkins:


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A post shared by Hailey Watkins (@hailtothehair)

Hailey Watkins is an award-winning stylist and SFX makeup specialist. You absolutely have to check out her feed, it’s unbelievable how talented she is. This red color is one of the more subdued looks on her page (check it out to see what I mean), but it is not lacking impact. The fade from the depth in the roots to the fire on the ends is showstopping. Check out her page here.

19. Ruby Red by Ashley Pac:

Bowled over by this vibrant, daring ruby red. Just that hint of depth anchors the color and keeps it from looking too monotone. A masterpiece of hair color. See more of her work here.


red balayage

Deep red and claret collide in this ultra-red, beyond beautiful look that is sure to turn heads and break hearts. Not a look if you don’t like attention, though, because this hair color is going to turn heads. See more of her work here.


red balayage

WOW! Dark, deep reds contrasted with warm auburn ribbons for an absolute showstopping look! I am a huge fan of Tabetha’s work and absolutely love sharing it in my hair posts. If you’re a hair stylist, she’s a must follow on Instagram! She shares a ton of tips, even shares her formulas for color, plus she actually does teach classes, too, that I can only assume are the bomb. See more of her work here.

Tips for Caring or Red Hair:

red hair color

Of all the hair colors, red fades the fastest, which can be frustrating when it takes so much time (and money) to get the color just right. It’s just part of the game, though, and so you’ll want to be prepared to extend the lifespan of your color as much as possible. And, as it does fade, enjoy each shade you get to experience. Last time I did my hair, I actually liked the color it became after 3 weeks of washing better than it was freshly done, so the process of watching it evolve can be fun, too.

I have lots of red hair experience, so I’m happy to share my favorites. My hair is mostly straight (with a slight wave), fine, but medium thickness. It is easily damaged and can be prone to frizz. If your hair is a very different type, you may want to look for similar products that match your hair type.

Red Hair Care Products:

red hair color

As for products, it’s really important to use hydrating hair products, as well as products that will repair the condition of your hair and protect it against heat damage. Here are some of my favorites:

  • I love a good hair mask and I’ve tried a lot of them.
  • Always use a heat protectant when heat styling. This has been my favorite lately. 
  • Let your hair air dry when possible. I wrote a whole post on how to air style hair so it’s not frizzy.
  • Or, you can use heatless curl stylers to avoid hot tools. Here’s a great heatless curls set with great reviews.
  • Use a hair oil through the middle and ends of your hair the night before you wash your hair. If you are close to a Trader Joe’s, they have a hair oil that is under $10 and I really love it. Just don’t put it on your scalp or it’ll make your hair really oily. Or, I will put this oil through the middle and ends of my hair on the last day before I shampoo and I’m wearing my hair in a ponytail or messy bun.
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner that is color safe and won’t strip color. There are a lot of good options out there, so use what works for your hair. Here’s one that I keep going back to. 

If you want to add some reddish color to your hair without a permanent hair dye, check out my new review on the Auburn Spice Glaze Super Hair Gloss. So pretty!

Healing Hair From the Inside Out:

When trying to heal damaged hair or keep hair healthy, start from the inside out. Consider putting collagen in your water or tea. I like Vital Proteins. It dissolves quickly and is tasteless. I drink a scoop a day in a cup of tea. It really helps with healthier, thicker hair growth that can withstand styling and coloring. This collagen helps my hair and nails grow faster and I do see a difference with wrinkles, too. See my full review of it here.


Still looking for the perfect hair color? I’ve been coloring my hair since I was 16 and I love sharing gorgeous hair color. You may also like these posts:

Hope you found some hair color inspiration today! If you try any of these, tag me on social media @ispyfabulous

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