9 Gorgeous Evil Eye Bracelets To Ward Off Bad Energy

evil eye bracelet

Many years ago I was given a gift – a beautiful beaded bracelet that had an eye bead on it. “What’s this eye for?” I asked, and they told me it was for good luck. I’m not a hugely superstitious person, but I’m certainly a big fan of good luck and good vibes, so I wore the bracelet for a little while and then one day, it inexplicably broke. I kept the pieces and stored it for safekeeping, since it had sentimental value, and didn’t think very much of it. Of course, since then, I’ve learned a lot more about the curse of the evil eye and I’ve seen a lot more evil eye jewelry on the market. From crystallized evil eyes to hand-painted evil eye beads, there’s an evil eye bracelet for everyone.

Even if you aren’t into the meaning behind them, they are all so cool looking, it’s hard to resist. Plus, if it all it does is increase our own positive energy and make us believe we are a little bit protected, it’s worth it. I’m a big fan of placebo effects, because at the end of the day – I never argue with results. Our minds are more powerful than we realize and if we need a little boost of confidence in that, whether that be with an evil eye piece of jewelry, or from any other thing, then so be it.

So, if you’re a fan of evil eye jewelry, take a look at this round-up of beautiful pieces from super affordable to made to last.

Gorgeous Evil Eye Bracelets:

evil eye bracelet

I’m starting with bracelets, because they are so easy to wear. I’ll do another round-up with all the great necklaces I’m seeing. For more background on the history of the evil eye, scroll down and I share more about it.

  1. Baublebar Ojo Bracelet – Love this stunning adjustable evil eye bracelet
  2. Black Onyx Evil Eye Bracelet – This dainty, but powerfully designed, evil eye bracelet is perfect for every day
  3. Mint & Lily Evil Eye Bracelet – Adore this gold evil eye with a unique take on the evil eye shape.
  4. Uncommon James Evil Eye Bracelet – Love this chain link bracelet with an evil eye gem. Shop in silver and gold.
  5. Swarovski Evil Eye Bracelet – Gorgeous! Comes in 3 sizes and would make an incredible gift!
  6. Nadri Beaded Evil Eye Bracelet – I absolutely love the beaded design and evil eye combo on this bracelet.
  7. Cubic Zirconia Evil Eye Bracelet – Adjustable and available in silver or gold!
  8. Evil Eye on Repeat Bracelet – This stretchy gold bracelet has evil eyes all the way around.
  9. Evil Eye Duo Swarovski Bracelet – Another stunner from Swarovski, with a combo of gems.

Which one is your favorite? I wish I could have them all!

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What is the evil eye?

evil eye bracelet

c/o Uncommon James, see link above

The concept of the evil eye stems from the belief that our eyes are conduits of our energy, both positive and negative. This is represented in the evil eye image that has been found through thousands of years of history across cultures, including in Latin America and parts of Asia. The evil eye symbol, usually shown as four concentric circles in the shape of an eye, is used to ward off variations of evil intentions from others who look at us. Oftentimes, the evil eye is traced back to a curse from Greek culture that says that someone can look at you and curse you and your family. Across all versions, there is one major similarity in the belief of the evil eye, and that is that when someone is jealous or envious of you, they can curse you with an evil glare and this will send back luck your way. Others believe that simply anyone with bad intentions or negative feelings toward you can send that energy in your directions, creating ripples in the energy in your life, which can have negative effects. And, I’ve also read that someone simply looking at you with an evil glance can send injury, bad luck, or even death your way. If you’re a religious person, there is also a parable in the Bible that refers to the evil eye in regards to envy and envy is in the ten commandments, too. So, the evil eye can be traced back to many different cultures and religions throughout history, which is possibly why the imagery has such universal appeal.

How does the evil eye work?

The image of the evil eye, whether on clothes, jewelry, or I’ve even seen people hang them from their rearview mirror, is a symbol of protection against negativity, evil, or bad intentions from those around them. It’s supposed to absorb and deflect anyone’s evil glare or projection of negative energy in your direction. This is perhaps why the use of evil eye jewelry and even tattoos are so common. The evil eye stays with you always and you are always prepared to send evil and curses right back to where they came from.

Does evil eye jewelry really work?

evil eye bracelet

c/o Baublebar, see link above

Does the evil eye jewelry protect us from other people’s envy, bad energy, and evil intentions? Probably not – but it’s more the idea that we are creating a barrier around ourselves and our loved ones, and we are going out in the world with intention that we are not going to receive any bad energy or evil from those around us. The jewelry is really just a symbol for our own fortitude that we are not going to be absorbing, but instead deflecting, any negativity that comes our way. Sometimes having that physical reminder helps our minds to stay active in reaching a certain goal.

There are also a lot of stories where people share that their evil eye jewelry will suddenly, without warning, break. The eye will often just break in two pieces. This is assumed to be because the eye has absorbed the negative energy. A lot of times the people that tell these stories go on to share that they discovered someone in their life did have bad intentions for them. I never thought much about my own bracelet breaking, but when I read these stories, I realized that my bracelet broke when I was around a family member who eventually showed their true colors. They’re a truly toxic person, full of insecurity and jealous towards others, and I discovered that they felt that way about me and my kids. Who knows if that’s what broke my bracelet, but I’ll tell you that removing that person from my life has brought me so much peace.

Another way to think about the evil eye jewelry is similar to how people who train in self defense and go out in the world with some form of self protection immediately carry themselves with a different type of awareness and strength. That confidence alone that they are aware that bad things happen and are actively preparing themselves to fight against it is going to usually prevent them from becoming targets. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but that if you’re a person looking for someone to attack, you’re less likely to choose the person that is aware, prepared, and carrying themselves like they know how to protect themselves. They want the easiest, most distracted, target. If you’re wearing evil eye jewelry, you are actively aware that people around you, even people close to you, may not actually have good intentions for you, and you’re wearing a physical reminder to protect yourself and your family from that bad energy. I just don’t see how that is a bad thing.

What color evil eye is the best?

evil eye bracelet

c/o Artizan Joyeria

Did you know that the different colors of the evil eye hold different meanings? There are some guides that share what the different colors mean. I find that blue is the most common one in jewelry, most likely because the blue color means protection from bad karma and fate. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty much what I’d hope for if wearing an evil eye. Another popular one is the white outside with blue inside, and that one means purity and clarity. If you’re interested in learning what the other colors mean, check out this post from Artizan Joyeria. They have some beautiful evil eye necklaces that I’ll be sharing in my evil eye necklace post.


Are you a fan of evil eye jewelry? Do you have an evil eye story to tell? Share it with us all below! Although if you are here to post negativity in any way, understand that comments are monitored and you will be removed and blocked immediately. Thank you for understanding.

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