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Hi Friend,If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly on the hunt for the best, most effective products for the best price. For those of you that can load your medicine cabinet with imported, rare skin creams with a price tag per ounce that rivals my mortgage – God bless you for that.

For the rest of us, you’ve come to the right place. I believe retail therapy can, and does, make a difference in the quality of our lives – given the product is effective and we spent what we can afford.

But who really has time to research, buy, try, and report back on all of these different products?

That’s right. I do. You’re welcome.

So – who am I? Or, in this case – what do we have in common so you will know if my reviews will work for you?

First, both myself and my kids have very sensitive skin and eyes, so everything recommended here is put through the ringer in terms of expected quality, affordability, accessibility, and sensitivity. This includes fragrances and excessive amounts of essential oils. Many a great product has fallen due to a disturbing amount of excess fragrance.

And, while I do prefer natural products with as few unnecessary chemicals as possible – I also need it to work and look great. So, it’s a balancing act.

Notes on my skin – I suffered from adult on-set acne in college. That was fun. And sexy. So, all products are tested on sensitive, combination skin with patterns similar to a hormonal, pubescent teenager. Grace.

As for baby gear, we are of the mindset that if it accomplishes any of these three things:
1. Makes life easier
2. Makes anyone in the house sleep better
3. Makes anyone in the house happier


If it helps ALL OF US sleep better – we might even buy two. Don’t judge.

Now, we aren’t trust fund babies, so we are buying these items with our hard-earned money with as many coupon codes and discounts as I can layer. I will pass these tips and tricks on to you. I know you work hard for the money.

Alright, I think that’s good. If you ever have any questions or feedback on a product, please share. This is a safe space. Well, as long as you’re not crazy. Please don’t be crazy.

​Let’s get this party started.


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