25 Magical Tracing Worksheets for Handwriting Practice – 3 Free!

tracing worksheets

tracing worksheets

Kids are funny. They  might hate one thing, like learning to write letters, but love tracing worksheets that develop the same fine motor skills in just a different way.

Whatever the case, I’m happy to keep producing tracing worksheets if it keeps my kiddos happy, engaged, and learning to write (even if they don’t realize it).

After they had both mastered simpler tracing worksheets with bigger loops and shapes, I wanted to give them something a little more challenging, with smaller motions and shapes that more closely model typical letters.

So, if your kids are new to tracing, some of these worksheets might be great – such as the characters and bigger shapes – but some of these worksheets are what you might call “intermediate or advanced tracing”. I just made that up. I don’t think that’s a real thing.

The Beauty of Tracing Worksheets:

You might think – why not just buy a book… well, two main reasons: 1. my kids immediately associate “books” with “school” and are less excited; 2. books can only be used once.

These worksheets can be printed over and over and over, for all of my kids, the neighbor’s kids, your kids, everybody’s kids.

Everybody gets tracing worksheets!


How To Use Tracing Worksheets:

tracing worksheets

Listen, this couldn’t be easier. Just print and go. That’s it. Kids know instinctively what to do. Hand them some cool crayons – seriously, the type of crayon actually helps here – or if you’ve got a struggling writer, grab these amazing pencils that are shaped a little like a triangle for better grip. They make all the difference – I’m not even kidding you (affiliate links, but opinions my own).

Then, print out these worksheets and let them go. I try not to correct them at all unless they’re just blatantly scribbling, in which case, I just say – let me give you some blank paper if you just want to draw. I want them to understand there’s a little difference between just free drawing and actually writing.

If I see any effort at all, I praise, praise, praise. Humans respond much more positively to praise than criticism (actually have a degree in education – not making this up here). So, I encourage all the things they are doing right, without trying to lie to them. Any positive motion, effort, I praise. I just don’t mention it when they go way out of the line or make a mistake.

Nobody likes people pointing out their mistakes, you feel me?

Anyway, the more fun I make it – the more they want to do it – and the better their handwriting gets, and they don’t even really notice they are learning! Hurrah!

3 Free Tracing Worksheets:tracing worksheets

As promised, here 3 free tracing worksheets! Just click here or on the image above to download the tracing worksheets for free! Free is my favorite number!

More Tracing Worksheets:

tracing worksheets

These are part of a pack of 25 tracing worksheets, with some knights and ships and other fun things that make this very gender neutral. I worked with a graphic designer to make these, because mama hasn’t learned Photoshop yet, and so I do charge a small fee for the whole pack of 25. Seriously, it’s less than two coffees. For some of you, it’s less than one coffee #NoJudgement.

tracing worksheets

Anyway, take the free three – have all the tracing fun. If your kids want more, you know where to find them:

tracing worksheets

Love fun printables that make life easy for you? Me too. Check out shopisf for a lot more activities for kids, coloring pages and more. Hey, take 10% off anything you want with code FAB10.

Have a fabulous day


tracing worksheets


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