8 Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Home Office for Good Energy!

office feng shui

office feng shui 
Raise your hand if you’re suddenly working from home! 

Learning how to best organize your home work space to optimize your work flow, reduce distractions and create some separation between life and work takes time. 

But, if you’ve been thrown into working from home overnight, you can fast-track the process of figuring it out by setting up your home work space according to Feng Shui principles – and simultaneously increase the good energy flow towards your work!

I don’t know about you, but I am happy to accept all good energy that I can attract my way right now. 


Why Should You Feng Shui Your Office?

The basic idea of Feng Shui is that everything around us, including material possessions has energy, called chi. If the chi is able to flow and the environment is in harmony, this will increase the good energy in our homes and lives, attracting every form of good fortune that we all crave: health, wealth, love, and more.

But, if this chi is blocked, it can subsequently block areas of opportunities, health and wealth from coming into our lives.

So, when it comes to your home office, applying simple and easy Feng Shui principles can help us stay focused, organized and attract the work success we are working for. 

Here are some super simple steps you can take to have better Feng Shui in your home office:

office feng shui

1. Clear the Clutter:  

A core tenant in Feng Shui is not to feel the need to fill every space. Your desk should be at least 50% clear of anything. 

If your desk slowly becomes more cluttered over the course of a work day, take a few minutes before you stop working to organize your desk in preparation for the next day. 

This open space allows for greater clarity and focus while you work. Plus, an organized work space improves productivity

Allow this mindset to flow towards how you structure your day as well. Focus on tasks and try to do them completely before moving on, rather than bouncing back and forth all day like a ping pong ball. 

2. Command the Room: 

office feng shui

When it comes to desk and chair placement, you want to be sitting in the command position. 

Similar to the command position of the bed in your bedroom, your office chair should always be facing the door. This symbolizes that you are welcoming opportunities that could come for your business. 

Also, your desk should preferably not face a wall, but should also be facing the door. I’ll admit, my desk currently faces a wall and I feel so closed in when I work at my desk, I usually work at the dining table in the chair that has the best view of the mountains. 

If you have no choice but to have your desk face a wall, you can place artwork on the wall that creates the illusion of a view – such as a beautiful ocean scene. 

3. Breathe Easy: 

office feng shui

To encourage energy to flow freely, be mindful of the air quality and the use of lighting. You want to be comfortable and have good air flow. If you’re too hot or too cold, this will distract you from being able to focus completely. 

Consider opening a window to allow fresh air to circulate. 

Also, if the room is cluttered and things are smooshed in every available space, this is said to restrict the chi in the room, which also limits the flow of opportunities. 

Think about the lighting, too, and how it makes you feel. Is it too bright? Not bright enough? Is the light too far away from where you need it? Is it glaring against your computer screen? Make adjustments as needed to bring in the right amount of light for you. 

You can also bring in air purifying plants to help clear the air. Plants are big in Feng Shui, but they have also been said to improve air quality and mindset, as they bring a little piece of the natural world indoors. 

4. Location, Location, Location:

Ideally, your workspace will not be too close to where you sleep. The type of energy you want in a bedroom or other room is different than what you want in the office, so separate these spaces to focus each space on its use. 

So, if possible, designate a work space that is separate from other areas in the house. Even if you work at the dining table, like me, set up your area before you work and then clear it away when your work time is finished, to transition the space to enjoy mealtime.

The most important thing is choosing a place that you feel the most comfortable and focused. 

5. Inspire Your Space: 

office feng shui

Choose decor and art that inspires your work flow. What colors truly energize you? What types of decor supercharges your creativity and allows you to focus? 

I thought carefully about the colors I wanted to use in my office and when I was shopping for items, I took a minute to soak in how objects made me feel. I chose as many pieces as I could that made me feel energized and inspired. 

I wanted to create a space that would make me feel excited to get to work each day. While that space is being used differently due to some life changes, I am excited about the day when I will be able to put my office back together the way it was planned to be and really get to use it. 

Until then, I love the view from the window where I sit and work and that is enough for me right now. 

6. Say No to Sharp Edges: 

One of the more interesting Feng Shui recommendations for your office is to try to buy furniture with rounded edges. 

Think circular coffee tables or end tables, and a desk with soft corners. The idea is that pointed corners are called pointed arrows, or Sha Chi, which deplete and weaken the flow of energy. 

If you can’t, or don’t want to, buy furniture with rounded corners, look for any pointed corners that are pointed in your direction when you work and neutralize them, by putting something that blocks your view of them, such as a tall plant or object on your desk. 

7. Watch Your Back: 

office feng shui

You always want to be able to see what is behind you, according to Feng Shui, which is why it’s ideal if your desk chair backs up to a wall. 

If that’s not possible, a high-backed chair is another alternative. 

Or, if there is access behind your chair where someone could walk up without you seeing, Feng Shui advisors say to put a mirror on your desk so that you can always look behind you and see what’s coming your way. 

In other words – always watch your back. 

Sound advice – especially in your career. 

8. Clear the Air: 

In addition to having good air flow, also consider a weekly cleanse of your space. 

This could include a deep cleaning of your desk, computer, accessories, purging files, vaccuming, dusting, and more. 

Also, consider burning some sage or diffusing essential oils to further cleanse the space. 

The time you take to clear the air, literally, is good for opening up your mind to new ideas. The correlation between cleansing your environment and the flow of new ideas is a core Feng Shui idea. 


So many of these ideas are similar to the general home Feng Shui ideas I talked about in my post on how to Feng Shui your home for good vibes

I love the art of Feng Shui, because the ideas are so easy to incorporate, often use what you already have, and help with layout suggestions that maximize flow – both literally and energetically. 

Have you tried any Feng Shui ideas? Tell us how it went in the comments below!

Oh, and if you’re new to working from home – check out my 9 tips for how to work from home with kids around!

Have a fabulous day, 


office feng shui


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