15 Fun Earth Day Activities & Printables for Kids!

earth day activities for kids

Earth Day is not far away! Perhaps now, more than ever, we should all come together and participate in activities that will help improve and sustain our beautiful planet!

After all, there is no planet B!

So, in honor of Earth Day, and all of us moms at home who have suddenly also put on the teaching hat, here are 15 crafts and activities that you can do at home to celebrate Earth Day and teach your kids about this global collaboration day!

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is being held on April 22, 2020, and is a historic day that continues to grow in popularity and effort each year.

On Earth Day, people all over the world participate in various activities designed to show some love to Mother Earth.

Examples of Earth Day activities include things like massive recycling initiatives, beach clean-ups, tree planting, garden planting, trash pick-up, and much more.

There is an Earth Day site dedicated to all things Earth Day an it’s a great resource for more information and ideas. Or, check out my post with 30 Earth Day facts and a free printable!

These ideas below are fantastic for smaller kids that may be on quarantine, but still will enjoy learning about Earth Day and participating in their own way.

Plus, most of these use common supplies you might already have or will be very easy to get!

Let’s check the out!

1. 20+ Earth Day Coloring Pages: 

earth day activities for kids

Kids love coloring pages! I’m not sure why they are much more entertaining than just coloring books, but in this case – that will really work in your favor.

These 20+ Earth Day coloring pages are super cute and could not be an easier way to learn about Earth Day at home.

2. Earth Day Crafts & Coloring Pages: 

earth day activities for kids

Here’s a great collection of craft and coloring pages that will be easy to use, but memorable for kids.

3. Handprint Earth Day Craft:

earth day activities for kids

How adorable is this handprint craft?

Anything that commemorates my kids’ tiny little hands is totally okay with me.

4. Earth Day Craft: 

earth day activities for kids

This is another super cute, colorful, and fun craft you can do at home, while learning about Earth Day.

5. DIY Succulent Project: 

earth day activities for kids

I think succulents are so dang cute. In fact, one day, I signed up for a succulent-of-the-month club and when my husband saw the charge on the credit card, he called me and said, “Did you literally just sign up for a succulent of the month club?”

Yes. Yes I did.

I ended up canceling, because I realized I could get them or make them for less, which is why I love, love this DIY succulent project you can do with kids!

Kids are natural gardeners! They will love this succulent project.

6. Earth Fractions: 

earth day activities for kids

We’re teachers now – why not paint some paper plates and use them to discuss fractions?

Sounds like a great combination of art and math to me!

7. Earth Day Goop: Science with Oobleck: 

earth day activities for kids

Oobleck is kind of like slime, which we all know kids totally love.

This Earth Day Goop would be such a big hit in my house.

8. Earth Day Shaving Cream Marbled Paper: 

earth day activities for kids

Another big deal is anything involving shaving cream.

Kids love it!

This marbled shaving cream art would be so much fun (I just might do it outside though).

9. Earth Day Cookies: 

earth day activities for kids

Well, you’ll need to eat something while you’re making all those crafts – right?

Might as well be this adorable cookie!

10. Coffee Filter Earth Paintings: 

earth day activities for kids

Talk about easy. This uses things most people will already have in their house – so no need to break quarantine to put this adorable craft together.

11. Earth Day Skip Counting Puzzles: 

earth day activities for kids

Hey, why not learn a little math while learning about Earth Day?

These adorable counting puzzles will teach skipping by 2s in a way kids will learn and remember.

12. Earth Day Color By Number Mini Coloring Pages: 

earth day activities for kids


What’s more fun than coloring pages? MINI coloring pages!

These little coloring pages will be perfect for preschoolers and kinders who are working on basic number recognition AND learning about Earth Day!

13. Earth Day Cupcakes: 

earth day activities for kids


Because you can’t just eat cookie – you know what I mean?

14. Earth Day I Spy Printable:

earth day activities for kids

A little I Spy Earth Day fun, courtesy of muaw!

So cute! So FREE!

Find the Earth Day I Spy here.

15. Earth Day Word Search:

earth day activities for kids

Yes. Challenge the older ones to a word search full of Earth Day inspired vocabulary.


Find the Earth Day word search here.

More Earth Day Coloring Pages:

Check out my new set of 5 Earth Day color-by-number coloring pages, full of inspirational images that show kids hugging the earth, recycling, riding bikes, planting trees and more. Positive quotes like, “There is no Planet B”, “Go Planet, It’s Your Earth Day”, and “Plant Trees; Plant Hope” are memorable and fun. Read more about the set in this post or click on the image below to shop.

earth day coloring pages


These are all so much fun. You could easily pick a few and have Earth day activities for the whole week.

Then, have them help come up with a way to help out and do their part. You’ll be surprised how eager, helpful, and effective even small kids can be!

Do you do anything for Earth Day? Share it with us in the comments below!

Have a fabulous day,



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