5 Self Defense Gadgets I Carry Every Day as a Woman

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I feel really passionately about every woman having at least one self defense gadget on their person and in their car at all times. In fact, I’ve started gifting one or two of these to every girl I know as she graduates high school and goes to college or when they move out on their own, because it’s so important.

Almost every woman I have known throughout my life can tell you at least one story of their safety being or feeling compromised and I know I have a few of my own, so I just feel safer and more prepared when I have self defense tools with me.

I was reminded of this recently when I went on a trip with my cousin. We ended up in a very uncomfortable Uber situation. Even though we took every precaution with using Uber (check license, check driver, take pictures of license and send to a friend, check that child safety door locks are not on, etc.), we ended up in a car with someone who behaved in a way that I was close to diving out of the car at a stoplight. Because I was traveling, I only had self defense gadgets that can go on a plane (Birdie alarm), and I really missed that sense of safety that having all of my self defense gadgets gives me.

So, in honor of that experience and with gratitude that we made it to our destination safely, I’d like to share the ones that I carry and have in my car at all times.

Best Self Defense Gadgets for Women:

I made a video with 4 of these to share on Instagram. The 5th gadget I have and use didn’t make the video, but it’s included below because I love it.  For legal reasons, I need to say that you should check with your state’s laws and carry/use these items at your own risk.

Take extra special precautions when carrying them with you around children and make sure that older kids understand that they are not to play with them and/or how to use them properly if something happens (my oldest knows how to use these in case of an emergency), and that younger children are not able to find them/reach them/use them. Even if you tell a young child not to, they get curious, especially if something is covered in sequins or brightly colored as a lot of these are now. For me, I keep them in my purse or car console, my purse goes on my arm and I carry it with me. I don’t leave my purse out where they can play with it, leave it hanging on a stroller, or accessible to them in any way when these safety devices are inside.

1. Pepper Spray/Mace with UV Marker:

I always, always have this on me and I like the ones with UV marker. The UV marks the person, but they can’t see it to get it off, which means the police can use a black light to identify them. Pepper spray is best when sprayed right into their eyes and face and it will cause their eyes to sting and water, giving you an opportunity to get away. I chose a brightly colored one, so I can find it, but not one that is so pretty, my daughter wants to play with it.

If you don’t have pepper spray or mace, thrust the palm of your hand upwards into their nose, if you’re strong enough it could break the nose, if you can’t get it at the right angle, it will at least cause their eyes to water and give you response time.

2. Birdie Personal Alarm:

I chose the Birdie, even though there are other options, because I like the strobe light and alarm combo. Plus, the pins can be pulled out by my oldest child if needed, while I get out my stun gun, so I liked that. It also comes with a heavy duty keychain that you can use to add your other keys, which I like.

3. Mini Stun Device:

My new favorite. This mini stun device is cute, fits in your hand, is compact enough for small clutches, and works really well. When you discharge this, even dogs will run away from you. It’s a horrible sound that sends chills up your spine. I can’t imagine someone wanting to run up to you when you have this thing in your hand. Read all instructions on how to use this before carrying it with you. Like my old karate teacher used to tell me, “Any weapon you have can be taken and used against you.” So, choose wisely.

4. Car Window Breaker & Seatbelt Cutter:

This comes in a pack of two, so both my husband and I have one. If you’re ever stuck and can’t get your car doors opened, you can use the window breaker side to quickly smash windows and the seatbelt cutter to remove locked seat belts, stuck seatbelts, or even release kids car seats. I had a friend who was in a bad car accident and the way the car was crushed, they couldn’t get out of the car and the kids car seats wouldn’t release. Luckily, they were okay when first responders pulled them out, but if she’d had one of these, she might have been able to get them out sooner.

5. Flashlight Stun Device:

So, story time: I live in an area with a lot of hills and some people have a lot of land. There have been instances of people’s dogs or animals getting out of their enclosures and wandering the streets. In some sad cases, they attacked other dogs or people who were just walking around. I was so nervous this would happen to me, I stopped walking my dogs outside my house for awhile. Then, on a community board, a neighbor/former police officer said he was walking with one of these flashlights and just the sound of discharging the stun device would make a dog run away, so he would never have to worry about an attack or anyone getting injured. I immediately ordered it and have been using it when I walk my dogs ever since. It looks like a flashlight, so you don’t look like you’re walking with a weapon, but it very quickly can become a shock device if needed. I love it.

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It’s not about living in fear, it’s about living prepared. The world is what it is, and for those of us that have seen what can or does happen, it can give us a sense of peace and relief to live our lives with these self defense gadgets on our person at all times.

I had one person call me paranoid. I just smiled and said, “I am happy for you that you’ve never had to experience the things I have that make me feel safer with these items on me.” I hope they never have to. But, for me and my kids, I’ll take every precaution to ensure we are protected. Nothing is going to be perfect, but I’m always going to try my best.

If you have a safety tip or favorite gadget, share it in the comments below!

Stay safe,



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