12 Incredible Graphic Novels Kids Love To Read

graphic novels for kids

Looking for more ways to keep the kiddos reading? Desperate for anything to entertain them for a little while this summer? I feel you on both, which is why I’m sharing the best graphic novels for kids that have accomplished both of those goals for us lately.

Graphic novels are considered middle grade books and have drawings or depictions throughout. Some of them are fully drawn, such as a comic book would be, while others integrate drawings and comics with sentences and dialogue.

Here’s an example of a graphic novel that is all art:

graphic novels for kids

There are also some that I call hybrid graphic novels, because they have pictures interspersed with writing. These make great transition books to prepare kids for books with no pictures. Here’s an example:

graphic novels for kids

Graphic novels are great for kids who struggle with visualizing what they’re reading, may lose interest when reading, and love things like video games. The pictures help keep them engaged with the story.  I’ve heard some people say they don’t think they count as real books, but I disagree – and my kids have the reading scores to prove it! Reading is reading, and letting them choose books that they like and will read is going to improve vocabulary and reading skills that they can then use for books required at school and other classwork.

Here are the graphic novels that have been big hits over here. All of these are part of a series, which is always something I look for, because if your kid enjoys the first book, that makes it really easy to find more books they’ll want to read, too. These are all books that are great for middle grade, solid readers, think 2nd grade or older. If you want to try out a simpler graphic novel for earlier readers to see how they like reading in frames, this set is amazing and all my kids love the Pizza and Taco books. 

If your kiddo is new to reading a graphic novel, they may need a little help understand how to read the frames from left to right and in what order to read the speech bubbles, etc. With just a little practice, they’ll get the hang of it in no time. Scroll down for links, as well as a video where you can see all the beautiful covers!

Graphic Novels Your Kids Will Love To Read:

I made a quick video for Instagram showing you all the beautiful covers. Check it out below! Scroll down for links to all of the books and a little more info.

  1. Ham Helsing Series – Currently 3 books in the series with a 4th coming. This hilarious pig is captivating, the art is incredible, and my kid flew through all 3 of these in record time. Winning on all accounts.

graphic novels for kids

1. The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza

Part of a 3 book series. These are so much fun. The art has a little softer, slightly whimsical vibe, and the story is very engaging. Highly recommend.

graphic novels for kids

2.The Last Kids on Earth

Now a TV show, this inventive graphic novel series is bestselling series about monster-slaying, zombie-fighting kids. Very cool.

3. Big Nate Series

This is a huge series, with so many books. We still haven’t read them all. They are very entertaining, though, and easy reads that keep kids attention.

4. Stick Dog

My son loves dogs and so this graphic novel hybrid was an easy win. Such a cute story and part of a series that will keep them reading.

graphic novels for kids

5. Investigators

These spy alligators surf the sewers and fight the forces of evil. I believe there are 12 books in the series currently and more to come!

6. The Cat Kid Comic Club

Dav Pilkey is a force in the graphic novel space and this is one of his series. Cat Kid is so funny and kids just love it. Currently 21 books in this series and counting.

7. Dog Man Series

Dav Pilkey again here – with another series about Dog Man, the part dog, part man cop who saves the day!

8. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

I put this later in the list, because it’s such a well known series that you probably already know about it. But, just in case you don’t, this series is a major hit with kids. There are currently 21 books in the series!

9. Animorphs

Older middle grade readers will be drawn to the gorgeous full color, comic book style art and the more detailed sci-fi plots that are funny and engaging. Currently 12 books in the series.

10. Jedi Academy

Star Wars lovers will enjoy these fun graphic novel storylines. 10 books in the series, but they’re smaller than other books on this list. We got a box set with 7 of them and they are fast, fun reads.

11. Captain Underpants

Can you have a graphic novel for kids list without this series? This is the gateway series for most kids that gets them reading when nothing else would and then introduces them to graphic novel style books. My kids have read most of these and love the TV show, too. You can also find the author online where he does drawing tutorials for the characters. Lots of fun. There are 12 books in this series, but you can get a similar style of drawing and story with Dog Man and Cat Kid (same author).

Have your kids read any of these books? Which one is your favorite? I’ll be back soon with more book recommendations. Also, know that we bought these with our own money and recommend them. If you choose to make a purchase through my affiliate links, I may receive a commission at no cost to you. Happy reading!

Make Your Own Comics:

comic book pages

Your kids might be inspired to start writing their own comics after reading a few of these. If they are, check out my printable comic book frames that allow them to write their own stories.

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graphic novels for kids

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