5 Free Blank Comic Pages to Draw Your Own Comics!

5 Free Blank Comic Pages to Draw Your Own Comics!

blank comic book pages

So here’s the thing: I am not a great artist.

If you asked me to fill in these blank comic book pages with something awesome, you’d probably be pretty disappointed with the result.

I would rather write you a story 100% of the time instead of draw it.

But, I am in the minority here and that’s something I learned very early on as an English teacher.

Kids of all ages are often very motivated to draw and would rather share their ideas in art vs. longhand writing.

The Power of Art:

Art speaks to people. Even my bad art gives the viewer something to talk about.

Plus, art encourages expression. Sometimes kids who feel uncomfortable speaking up, acting or writing will come alive when given the opportunity to draw!

Art is accessible and fun and even therapeutic!

That’s why I started incorporating as much art as I could manage into my English curriculum, including these blank comic pages, and I’m sharing 5 of them with you for free!

There are bigger sets of these if you are interested! Here’s a quick link to 50 blank comic book pages for a super affordable price.

5 Blank Comic Pages To Encourage Expression:

blank comic book pages

To use these, just print and go.

These would work just as well in the classroom as they would at home, to encourage and inspire your teen as they work through the complicated experience of growing up.

Free Blank Comic Pages:

These 5 pages are available here completely free for you to download and use.

To download, just click on the image below and you’ll be taken to a new screen to download them. They are in my shop, but they are totally free. 

Want More Blank Comic Book Pages?

If you know someone who loves this kind of artistic exercises, there are 50 of these in a set for less than the price of two coffees at Starbucks. Just click on the image below…

blank comic book pages

Plus, the set comes with a list of 39 onomatopoeia words to make your comics POP, SIZZLE and BOOM! In fact, since you found this post first – take 20% off with code FAB20.

blank comic book pages


I hope you love these 5 free downloads! There are so many free printables on the blog.

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If you print and use these, I hope you’ll come back to let me know if they enjoyed them!

Have a fabulous day,


blank comic book pages



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