The Great Migration: CHANGE COMING SOON!

My little piece of the internet is 1-month-old.

Can you believe it?

Just one month ago, she was just an idea…something I talked about in the future tense.

Now, here she is. And she’s already having growing pains.

So, to give her the best opportunity to thrive – I have begun what I am lovingly referring to as, “The Great Migration”.

With the help of someone much more tech savvy than I, you will soon see a brand-new, sleeker, faster, more agile, I Spy Fabulous – one that can be loaded with cool widgets and have an email system that actually functions properly. For those of you that have been on this journey with me – or signed up for emails and never gotten any, thank you for your patience. I have big plans for I Spy and I am so glad you’re part of it.

I’ll be keeping you up-to-date on the happs for the site over on and Would you join me there? 

In the interim, I Spy will be on pause while she is re-built on the other side. 

See you soon!


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