8 Affordable Outdoor Furniture Sets That Look Expensive

outdoor furniture

The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and the days are long. It’s time to go outside! Of course, if you’re anything like us, that requires dusting off or cleaning all your outdoor furniture that either sat outside all winter or was stored away in a garage somewhere. And, if you’re also like us, you’ve learned that some materials say they’re outdoor – but really aren’t, and they aren’t going to make it another season, while other outdoor furniture pieces are going to stand the test of time.

That means, there are some things we need to replace this year. Plus, there’s a patio area I’ve never furnished and I think this year is the year. So, since we’re in the market for some affordable outdoor furniture that can stand up to the elements and only looks expensive, I thought I’d share some of my favorites that are on my list! Let’s take a look!

Affordable Outdoor Furniture That Looks Expensive:

outdoor furniture

1Better Homes & Gardens 3-Piece Set

outdoor furniture

I love this so much. It looks like something you’d see at a high-end resort by a pool. It would be perfect with a rug underneath for our balcony. We hardly ever use it, because we never furnished it. It has great views of the area and I’d love to sit out there on a set like this and watch the sunset. Price: under $300

2. Better Homes & Garden 4-Piece Dining Set

outdoor furniture

This would fit so well in so many backyards. The corner sectional makes it easy to float or to tuck into a corner. The whole set looks amazing together. I can imagine so many lovely outdoor dinners with twinkling lights over head with a set like this. You won’t believe it’s under $800.

3. Better Homes & Gardens Outdoor Sofa with 2 Nesting Tables

outdoor furniture

What a great set for a smaller space. I could fit this on our balcony, too, and I love the idea of an outdoor sofa. I’ve seen people on Instagram power wash these and they clean beautifully. Or, you can use a small carpet cleaner (I have this one and love it) and that’ll get it nice and clean. I’ve even unzipped the cushion covers and washed them on delicate. It’s always a risk to do that, but I’ve never had them fall apart on me.

4. Better Homes & Gardens Outdoor Sectional Dining Set

outdoor furniture

If you are fortunate enough to have a large outdoor patio area, this would look fantastic. How comfortable to pile into this cozy sectional for al fresco dining or some outdoor games? I can’t believe the entire set is well under $1000. Beautiful.

5. Wicker & Metal Outdoor Egg Chair

outdoor furniture

I bought an egg chair last year and I wish I had waited and picked up this one, for two reasons. First, it’s wider and can fit a couple of people, which would make it more practical and second, the cushion in this one is a style that could be easily replaced. The one we have is fun, but I can’t find replacements for the cushions and they’ve seen better days.

6. Rattan Patio Chat Set

outdoor furniture

Love the rattan on these. It would look so perfect in an outdoor space. Rattan is also great for outdoors, it usually holds up very well. The cushions are going to keep it from being uncomfortable and should be easy to swap out seasonally if needed.

7. Better Homes & Gardens 5-Piece Black Wicker Conversation Set

outdoor furniture

Absolutely obsessed with this set. I love the colors, the shape of the chairs, the little table that comes with it. The set is pretty much ready to go as is and needs very little (if anything) in terms of additional decor. What a steal.

8. Better Homes & Gardens Lilah 4 – Piece Set

outdoor furniture

I’ve almost bought this set so many times. I really love everything about it. The combo of white and whicker is so fresh, coastal, and chic. The price is unbelievable for a set like this. The reviews are amazing, too.


So many great options here that it makes it hard to choose! I hope you find something that works for you and your space and that you make a lot of beautiful memories this summer.

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