5 West Elm Rug Dupes: Colca, Souk Wool, Stone Tile, Faded Floral and Braided Sweater Rug

west elm rug dupes

I absolutely love West Elm and their modern, minimalistic and mid-century design aesthetic. I have been buying pieces here and there from their collections for years – and also finding incredible lookalikes of their designs, too.

One thing I love, love, love at West Elm is their rugs – from the fan favorite Colca Rug to the gorgeous and neutral Braid Stripe Rug that adds so much texture and warmth to any space.

But, rugs can have a fairly short life span if you have a busy household and/or pets, so saving on something like a rug is a great way to get the look you want for less. A rug is going to get a lot more wear and tear than something like a media console, so it’s easier for me to justify spending the bulk of my design budgets on things that I won’t need to replace very often.

So, to kick off my West Elm dupe series – I’m bringing you 5 of their gorgeous rugs and more affordable lookalikes that will make their high style accessible for almost any budget. Like all my Fab Deal$ posts, these are not sponsored by a brand, but I do use affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to buy a rug through my links.

Let’s go!

1. West Elm Colca Rug Dupe:

west elm colca rug dupe

Ahh, one of my favorite rugs from West Elm EVER. The Colca rug with it’s chic palette of colors, a pattern that is interesting without being overwhelming, and loads of texture, is a total room- maker.

But, the price tag of $840 for an 8×10 (on sale for $672 at time of posting) might make you reconsider. It’s still a really reasonable price for a beautiful rug that will last, but sometimes you just need to get the look for less. Here is the most similar rug I have found yet:

west elm colca rug dupe

Shop the Beige Tani Vintage Blocked Rug here

For two more similar looking rugs in different price points, check out these two other options:

2. West Elm Braid Stripe Sweater Rug Dupe:

west elm rug dupes

I love the braided rug look for adding texture without any visual distraction. These are perfect for rooms where you want something soft underfoot, like a living room or bedroom. The braided pattern makes it interesting and the ivory color keeps it neutral and soothing.

The West Elm Braid Stripe Sweater Rug in 8×10 is currently retailing for $840, on sale at time of posting for $672.

Guess what, you can absolutely have the look for less – just check this ivory braided rug out.

west elm rug dupes

Yup, yup, yup. Love. Adds so much. I have ordered from Rugs USA and felt the delivery and customer service were excellent. The one comes in a million sizes and 6 colors. The 8×10 in ivory retails for $408.50. Score. This rug is also similar to a more expensive Serena & Lily rug. If you’d like to see more Serena & Lily rug dupes, check out this post. 

For 2 more incredible dupes for the West Elm Braid Stripe Sweater Rug, read this post. 

Shop the Rugs USA Braided Rug here.

3. West Elm Wool Souk Rug Dupe:

west elm rug dupes

I’m a huge fan of the Moroccan style rug. I even wrote an earlier post where I scooped the dupe for the Lulu & Georgia moroccan rug and there’s another one for the Anthropologie Cross rug

I’m super excited to bring you the dupe for the West Elm Wool Souk – easily one of the best rugs ever designed. The original is $840 for an 8×10 (currently on sale for $672).

I spy a dupe with my little eye! Here here, y’all! Currently priced at $255 for an 8×10, fringe and all – BAM! The NuLoom Moroccan Trellis Shag Rug.

Shop the Overstock NuLoom Moroccan Shag Rug here.

4. West Elm Stone Tile Rug Dupe:

west elm rug dupes

I love the WE Stone Tile Rug – the neutral colors and use of a stone tile pattern is both classic and interesting. An 8×10 of the Stone Tile Rug will set you back $630 (currently $504 on sale).

You can snag the look for less, though, with another Rugs USA find – the Tile Tracery rug. With a similar look and feel, this one will only cost you $186.90 for an 8×10! The reviews and customer photos look even better than the marketing photos for this one, so make sure to check those out.

Shop the Rugs USA Tile Tracery rug here.

5. West Elm Faded Floral Rug Dupe:

west elm rug dupes

This is one of those moments where I find the dupe and think – I actually like this one, better.

But, honestly, they are very, very similar. The West Elm Faded Floral Rug is a beautiful, soft design in a light beige. Available in a 5×8 as the largest right now (but bigger sizes might return), it’s priced at $375. Not a terrible price, really.

But, then there is the lookalike – and with the fringe and the three color options – I really think side-by-side, the Fading Floral Fringe Rug is the winner – and not only because a 5×8 will only cost you $104.50. I’m not even kidding. I do think the color is off a bit in the image above – because when you look at more of the pictures, you see a clear beige option and a clear silvery gray option:

west elm rug dupes

Shop the Rugs USA Fading Floral Fringe Rug here.

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What do you think? Are you a fan of West Elm rugs and decor? You can get that look for less, friends. Check out more posts in the Fab Deal$ series or follow me on Instagram to see fresh deals in real time.

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