12 Chic French Twist Updos for Instant Glam

French twist hair

The French twist is a classic hairstyle that gives your look instant glam without as much effort as you might think. There are different ways to secure a French twist, each one making the look more chic or more casual. French twists are a great way to get your hair off your neck on a hot day or to compliment a beautiful dress for a black tie event. When it comes to versatile hairstyles, the French twist might be close to the top of the list.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect French twist for your hair, keep reading and I bet you’ll find one that will work for you hair types and lengths similar to yours. And, like anything else, practice makes progress. I know for me, I can get a French twist up fast and secure it with a hair stick or comb, but rolling it and using bobby pins is harder for me to manage on my own. Find what works for you and go with it. And, you can always take one of these pictures or videos to your stylist and have them recreate the look for you.

Chic French Twist Updos:

I wish I could create beautiful hair videos, but alas, that is not my gift. I’m sharing these videos with all credit given to the creator and links to their video and page so you can see more of their gorgeous hair videos.

1. Fast & Easy French Twist by @olgakurzova:


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A post shared by Olga Kurzova (@olgakurzova)

The way she sections of ponytails and then uses them to get all her hair into an easy French twist is genius. I’ve never tried it this way, but watching her makes me feel like I might be able to figure this out. She honestly makes it look so easy, but the end result is glamorous enough for any special event. The gorgeous comb adds that sparkle and polish.

2. French Twist with French Pin Hairstyles by @whatlydialikes:


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A post shared by Lydia (@whatlydialikes)

The French pin is what I used when I wanted to get a French twist like look. It was the only way I could get my hair to stay in place without using a ton of pins or texture spray to get grip. They’re quite easy to use and there are a lot of beautiful options that can add detail to the style. I absolutely love Lydia’s soft, beautiful hairstyle videos. She makes it look really easy, but the end result is stunning.

3. Classic French Twist by @kellgrace:


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A post shared by KellGrace (@kellgrace)

Here’s a very classic, stylish French twist put up with lots of bobby pins, teasing, and hair spray. I struggle to do this on myself, but I’ve had them done by hairstylists and I can attest to the fact that they do not move at all. It’s a really beautiful, timeless look that goes with anything.

4. French Twist for Long, Thick Hairy by @sherrymaldonado:


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A post shared by Sherry Maldonado (@sherrymaldonado)

Extremely impressed by how she’s able to get all of her thick, beautiful hair up into that French twist. She really makes it look easy, too.

5. French Twist on Layered Hair by


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A post shared by Lulus Weddings (@lulusweddings)

Getting French twists up on layered hair, where some pieces may be too short to twist, can be an added challenge. You can see here how this stylist uses this as an advantage to create beautiful volume and texture.

6. 30-Second French Twist by @missysueblog:


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A post shared by Melissa Cook (@missysueblog)

Missy Sue has some of the best hairstyle videos ever. I really love her work and her style. This 30-second French twist looks so easy the way that she does it. Of course, I always find it to go a little differently on my own hair.

7. French Twist on Curly Hair by @kellgrace:


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A post shared by KellGrace (@kellgrace)

I am loving Kell Grace’s hairstyles. This is such a great tutorial on how to get this look on curly hair. The end result is just stunning.

8. French Twist on Long, Layered Hair by @sarahangius:

I’m blown away how she does a classic French twist with such long, layered hair on herself!! You can see her bobby pin placement and she can’t even see it herself, but it’s perfect! I absolutely love this tutorial.  The video I share here was reposted by Premium Hair Goals, so I am linking the original creator above, Sarah Angius (who has 3.8 million followers? WOW!)

9. French Braid into French Twist by @laineymariebeauty:

Guess how many views this video has? Okay, fine, I’ll tell you: 175,000! Amazing! The reason why is she takes two popular styles and puts them together for a unique, boho, glam hairstyle that is so cute.

10. French Twist for 4C Hair by Rose Schwinn:

This look so elegant and beautiful. I love how she shows how to do this for 4C hair. My hair is fine and doesn’t tend to hold curl or styles very well, so it’s easy for me to think that I can’t do certain things with my hair, but the truth is – we can adapt most styles to fit our hair types with some guidance and practice.

11. French Twist for Short and Medium Hair by Prose:

This is a great example of how to do a French twist on medium to shorter hair. It might take more pins, but you can still get that look. This one is softer and has a little bit more texture.

12. Undone French Twist by Alex Gaboury:

I’ve been following Alex for years. She’s such a major player in hair tutorials. This undone French twist is soft and romantic. Just perfect for a date night or a night out on the town. I love it. Way to go, Alex – another showstopper.

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