The 15 Most Comfortable Sandals for Chronic Foot Pain


Autoimmune diseases are the gift you never wanted that keeps on giving. Chronic pain is the most common culprit and foot pain seems to be one of those universal truths. Regardless of which autoimmune disease you have – it comes with foot pain.

Sort of hard to practice gratitude when every step you take hurts.

That’s why I stopped wearing shoes that made it worse and started hunting for comfortable shoes that were, hopefully, cute. Although, I’ll admit, I’ve worn a pair or two that wouldn’t put me on the Best Dressed List because they felt like clouds.

So, I’m sharing the top 10 most comfortable, cute sandals for when your feet constantly hurt.

I hope you find something here that might work for you, too.

1. Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip-Flops


I live in California, land of perpetual sun. If you’re not wearing flip-flops for the better part of the year, people look at you funny.

But, when your feet hurt all the time – flip-flops become a daring adventure.

So, when I saw these Sanuk flip-flops made from yoga mats, I thought – it’s worth a shot.

And now you’d have to rip these from my kungfu grip I love them so much.

Sure, I wouldn’t wear them to run a mile, but let’s be honest – I’m not running a mile anytime soon.

Sanuk runs some good promotions, too, such as right now you can get 20% off with multiple pairs.

Check them out on Amazon or Sanuk. 

2. Birkenstocks


I think we’ve all had our Birkenstock days. Then, the brand seemed to get tired. Or, maybe we got tired of it.

Regardless, they’re back. With vibrant colors and new styles, they’re revived the old standby.

And, can you really beat that arch support? I don’t think you can.

I love buying shoes from Nordstrom because of their free shipping, free return, and Nordy’s Club point system.

Save that money, honey.

And look at these super affordable, brightly colored versions – great for summer:


3. Olukai Upena Flat Sandal


I have read about these quite a bit. Great reviews and made by the infamous Olukai brand – a company known for super comfortable sandals.

In fact, I bought a pair of the flip-flops for my husband and he has never raved more about a pair of shoes since I’ve known him.

These have made several lists for most comfortable sandals. Me thinks I need a pair.

4. Eurosoft Landry II Wedge Sandal


Talk about form and function with these beauties. Adorable, wedge sandals that can be dressed up or down, but also deliver that supportive footbed and soft straps.

Plus, DSW wins big for always having affordable pricing and a great rewards program.

Grab a pair for yourself here. 

5. Ecco Damara 


Another pair that totally walks the line between comfort and stylish.

Under $100 and great reviews. In fact, this is another sandal that has made several lists for most comfortable.

I’m a big fan of Ecco. I feel like they really understand how to design shoes for feet, not just for aesthetics.

Check them out here. 

6. Nike Women’s Ultra Comfort Flip-Flop

Back when I was preggo with my kids, these were the sandals I wore to death for the third trimester.

My feet were swollen, I couldn’t bend over to put on anything with a strap, and I needed something that would get me through the day as a teacher.

They are seriously so, so comfortable. The only problem you’ll have is deciding which color to get, because there are so many.

Try them to see for yourself here.  

7. Sofft Mirabelle Sport Sandal


Sofft is one of those lines that has earned a cult following. Once you go Sofft… you don’t tend to go anywhere else.

These Mirabelle sandals come in several colors and they release new ones every so often.

The Sofft footbed technology is impressively soft.

Check them out here.

8. TOMS Lexie Sandal


I’ve worn TOMS for years. They are surprisingly comfortable. These Lexie sandals are by far my favorite.

They are cushiony and comfortable, even when walking for awhile, and the straps never rub or create friction.

I sometimes have issues with straps that don’t get wide enough for my ankle or rub my skin, and these don’t cause either of those issues.

Highly recommend these – and pretty much all TOMS shoes.

9. Teva Terra Float Livia Sandal

If you’re outdoorsy and need something that’ll keep up with you in the wild, you’ll obviously not be shopping for the Lexie.

You’ll need the Teva Terra and that’s that. Just stop shopping.

These are pretty much the highest rated women’s comfort outdoorsy sandal on the market.

10. Cloudsteppers by Clark, Brinkley Drip Flip Flop


Clark is another comfort shoe line and I love these well-designed flip flops. They are adorable, even if you aren’t looking for a comfort shoe.

The red, in particular, is really calling my name.

Another win by Clarks and by DSW. Bravo.

Check them out here. 

Oh, and here’s another pair of Sidesteppers that are just so, so cute:


11. B.O.C. Showers Sandal


B.O.C. is always right there, reminding us that we don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

The first time I wore a pair of their sandals, I could not believe it.

My feet actually didn’t hurt for once. Mind-blowing.

Once you cross that line of reality – you don’t want to go back. No pair of shoes is worth limping for three days later, especially when you can grab a pair of these. 

I mean, #ADORBS

Grab them here. 

12. UGG Kari Slide Sandal


Huge fan of UGGs. They are almost all I wear in the winter. Their boots are just perfect.

They’ve ventured into other styles and I am loving it.

These sandals are so, so cute and on trend, and yet, look like little rose-gold pillows for your feet.

Walkin’ on air, my friends.

Check them out here. 

13. Gentle Souls Gianna Wedge


If you need something a little spicier for a special event this summer, Gianna is your girl.

Gentle Souls is a comfort line that is really trying to revitalize the style of comfortable shoes. I have a pair of their mules that are amaaaaazing.

Happy Feet = Happy Life.

These Gianna wedges are just everything I need in my life right now.

Get some. 

14. Dansko Season Sandal


There are die-hard Dansko lovers out there.

I have known people who will only wear Dansko shoes. 

There’s even a rumor that nurses love Dansko shoes. Is that true? I feel like the endorsement of the nurse community is pretty major.

Anyway, these have such a sweet, retro vibe, but offer all the quality and comfort that Dansko has become synonymous with.

Love the blue, too. 

15. Sorel Ella Sandals


And the last item in this round-up are these super highly rated Sorel sandals. 

Super cute, super comfortable, super beloved by many, many reviews.

With all of Macy’s incredible deals, it’s kind of just a matter of which color you want.

Brown. The answer is brown. 😉

Check them out here. 


Boom, there it is. 15 pairs of the most comfortable and cute sandals for women.

I have most of these, the rest are on a wish list. Tell me if you grab a pair and how much you love it.

And, please know that if you are in so much pain that you are almost unable to find shoes at all or are working with doctors to manage pain with inserts and other orthotics, I am not trying to be insensitive to your journey. I really do wish you all the relief and pain-free days as possible.

These are the shoes that have worked for me or many other people and I hope and pray that something here works for you, too. If not, I send you all the wishes in the world for better days.

To our health, 


*Affiliate links used. I only promote brands I truly believe in and the very small affiliate commission helps offset the cost of running this blog. Muchas gracias!



  1. June 30, 2019 / 6:46 am

    I will for sure check some of these out. I have a pair of knock off birkenstocks from target which I love. They took a couple weeks to like “break in” but I love them. I want real birkenstocks it’s just the money situation lol

    • Erica
      July 9, 2019 / 11:30 pm

      I totally hear you on that. Luckily, there are some other shoes that could be just as comfortable for you, for much less!

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