5 Incredible Mascaras for Sensitive Eyes – even Sjogren’s – UPDATED!

mascara for sensitive eyes

If most mascaras make your eyes feel like sandpaper is rubbing them, you’ve come to the right place!

I have super sensitive eyes and Sjogren’s Syndrome, so finding eye makeup that doesn’t do more harm than good is a challenge.

Luckily, I’ve done the hard (and uncomfortable) work for you, and I’ve found some incredible mascaras that won’t irritate your eyes and will work great.

Some people might say, “Oh, why bother if it hurts you?” Well, because sometimes it feels good to look good! And when you’re already making sacrifices for health issues outside your control, it’s nice to have some things stay normal. You feel me?

Let’s take a look at the finalists – starting with my new favorite that might surprise you.

The Best Mascaras for Sensitive Eyes:

After years of using the number 2 and 3 mascaras on this last, I started to feel breakthrough irritation throughout the day. I got so annoyed with stingy, runny eyes that I stormed into Sephora and asked one of their artists to show me all of their most gentle mascaras. I bought samples of 6 new mascaras and used them with no other eye makeup to find the right one. Sometimes, eye makeup won’t bother you right away, but it’ll start to irritate your eyes throughout the day, so I made sure to wear these for the entire day. The number one pick on this list was an easy favorite. Let’s take a look!

1. Tower 28 Beauty: 

best mascaras for sensitive eyes

Tower 28 Beauty’s MakeWaves Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara blew my mind! I didn’t just have one artist recommend this one, but several of them did, including the girl who rang up my purchase. She was wearing it at the time and said it was the only mascara she could wear. All of their raving endorsements made me very curious to try this and I thought there was no way it could live up to the hype, but I’m thrilled to say that I was wrong.

This is the best mascara I’ve ever used in my life. I don’t know what magic they put in this formula and brush, but it lasts all day, is lightweight, and doesn’t irritate my eyes. It’s truly a gift and I am so glad that I found this one. Plus, at $20, it’s definitely worth it.

Try Tower 27 Mascara here

*Affiliate links are used below, which means at no cost to you, I may receive a commission if you choose to purchase through my links. Thank you!

2. Bad Gal Bang by Benefit Cosmetics:

mascara for sensitive eyes

Lashes for days! Lighter than air! This creation by Benefit is so good. I don’t know how they did it, but they created a mascara with a super gentle brush that barely feels like anything, a dark mascara that is really water resistant (but washes clean with a little effort) and a layerable formula that builds and builds while remaining WEIGHTLESS.

They say they use a NASA technology to create this formula. I thought, “Oh cute gimmick, but I’ll try it,” and they weren’t kidding. It’s very cool. This is a great find for anyone – but particularly those of us with Sjogren’s. Highly recommend.

After years of using this one, I continued to get annoyed with the tube design. The ring that keeps air from getting in would fall into the tube only weeks after buying it. Plus, I started to experience some breakthrough irritation later in the day, which led me to look for the Tower 28 mascara.

Buy Bad Gal Bang at Ulta, Sephora, or Nordstrom.

3. Wander Beauty Unlashed Volume & Curl Mascara

best mascaras for sensitive eyes

I’m a huge fan of clean beauty line Wander Beauty. Their mascaras are amazing.

I first tried Unlashed in my monthly Allure Beauty Box. I adore the Allure Beauty Box because it’s $25 a month and I get 5 items, several of them full-size. This allows me to try new makeup without having to spend the energy going to the store and looking at new things, and also keeps me in budget with the price.

It’s a true value. I got this $24 Wander Beauty in one box and used it all up. So, just that one product alone was more expensive than the beauty box. Both are a true win in my book.

I really love this product. It makes my lashes long and soft, with very minimal dropping throughout the day and no sensitivity issues. Score. Only issue is the packaging again here. Similar to the Benefit, the ring falls into the tube well before the mascara should be tossed, making it useless.

Check out Wander Beauty Unlashed here.  

4. Pacifica Beauty Stellar Gaze Length & Strength Mascara

best mascaras for sensitive eyes

Let’s talk about this one. I just purchased it a couple of weeks ago after trying the Pacifica BB Cream – which is a total WOW product – and thought, I’ve gotta try more.

This mascara is super highly rated and I totally understand why. The brush is super soft, so it won’t irritate lashes or cause them to fall out, the color is rich and lasts, even with just two coats, and it doesn’t bleed or flake.

It does wash off easily with simple face wash, so I would imagine that a little crying would probably  make it run, too. But, if you have Sjogren’s – that’s not really a problem for you, now is it? 😉

Plus, this one is vegan, cruelty-free, and infused with coconut oil and Vitamin B. Overall, a very solid pick I think most people would be happy with. The brush is large, though, so if you have small, almond shaped eyes like me, makes the brush a bit challenging to use without getting mascara all over the place. This is a great option for people with larger eyes and longer lashes.

Grab it here. 

5. Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Nourishing Mascara

best mascaras for sensitive eyes

I’ve used this Burt’s Bees mascara for awhile now. It’s one of the first natural, super sensitive mascaras that I found. It’s also super affordable, which is always nice, especially when it’s as high performing as this product is.

This one also has jojoba oil and glycerin, so it actually moisturizes and nourishes lashes when you use it.

The brush is a bit stiffer than the Pacifica, so you’ll get the added length from it, but it will be slightly more rough on the lashes. Choose what sounds best for you.

Grab Burt’s Bees mascara here. 

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That’s all for today. I know 6 may not seem like much, but I am only sharing the mascaras I truly believe are the best for super sensitive eyes.

Oh, and if you want an easy way to save money on these mascaras – or really any purchase you make online, you’ve gotta check out Rakuten. I use it all the time and save money. For example, you could get 8% off the Tarte mascara above just by using Rakuten Easy.

That’s all for today. I sure hope this helps some of you with Sjogren’s.

To our health,




  1. Brittny Mitchell
    October 6, 2021 / 11:33 am

    Hi there,

    I work for a husband and wife owned company. The wife was diagnosed with Sjogren’s about a year ago and is getting progressively worse. Her eyes are what bother her the most and her husband wanted me to do some research for her (without her knowing). They’ve tried so many different things, and now they are thinking it’s the make-up that bothers her. She’s unable to sleep (until she just falls out from exhaustion); work/look at the computer for too long. I’m unable to find out exactly what brands she’s tried to make this project more reliable. If you could please email me and share any advise, tips, suggestions, or just respond in that maybe I could connect you to her for support or guidance – that would be deeply appreciated.

    • Erica
      October 12, 2021 / 10:28 am

      I’m sorry to hear she’s suffering – she could definitely be having a reaction to any makeup on her face, as well as any skin care products she’s using. Plus, she may need to increase her anti-inflammatory supplements. There’s also a post on natural remedies for dry eyes: https://www.ispyfabulous.com/dry-eye-remedies-for-sjogrens/ I have a ton of content on the blog if you search “sjogren’s” or here’s a link to the supplements I take every day that help me manage my symptoms: https://www.ispyfabulous.com/supplements/ I really hope something here helps!

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