30 Cool Baby Names That Would Make Great Stage Names!

cool baby names

Think your little one is future star? Consider a middle name that would make a great stage name!

This is exactly what some celebrities have done, by choosing first and middle names that go together to make the perfect stage name, such as Angelina Jolie!

These are all a bit on the unusual side for normal, everyday life, but could make a fun middle name for creative pursuits. 

Let’s take a look at the list!

Cool Baby Names That Make Great Stage Names:

Check out these 30 baby names and let us know what you think:

  1. Jezebel
  2. Kismet
  3. Izora
  4. Jinx
  5. Lupe
  6. Musetta
  7. Rhapsody
  8. Phaedra
  9. Nyx
  10. Morgana
  11. Nebula
  12. Persephone
  13. Scarlett
  14. Sapphire
  15. Salem
  16. Rio
  17. Tempest
  18. Whimsy
  19. Zephyr
  20. Zelda
  21. Storm
  22. Essence
  23. Echo
  24. Fortune
  25. Circe
  26. Bijou
  27. Amaranth
  28. Calico
  29. Misty
  30. Vesper


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Would you name your kid one of these cool names? Or, did you?

Tell us all in the comments below!

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