46 Adorable Girl Names That Start with the Letter “A”!

girl names starting with A
girl names that start with a

The letter A is a beautiful letter for the start of a baby name.

First, it looks beautiful in script and in any font.

Second, it is the first letter in many beautiful names that have become classics the world over.

Fun Fact: My sister-in-law’s family have all given their daughters names that start with A. It’s become a bit of a tradition!

And, with so many lovely names beginning in A to choose from, they shouldn’t run out of options anytime soon.

Take a look at this list of baby girl names that start with A. Maybe you’ll find your favorite!

Girl Names Starting With A:

girl names that start with a

  1. Abigail
  2. Aria
  3. Alexa
  4. Audrey
  5. Ariana
  6. Aurora
  7. Alice
  8. Alyssa
  9. Adalyn
  10. Anastasia
  11. Angela
  12. Amaya
  13. Anabella
  14. Analice
  15. Alexandria
  16. Aubriana
  17. Annabelle
  18. Aubrey
  19. Aliyah
  20. Angelina
  21. Annie
  22. Arielle
  23. Amanda
  24. Amira
  25. Amalia
  26. Amara
  27. Anika
  28. Audrina
  29. Astrid
  30. Aya
  31. Antonia
  32. Ashtyn
  33. Audriana
  34. Araceli
  35. Anita
  36. Ashanti
  37. Amethyst
  38. Aviana
  39. Ariadne
  40. Arabella
  41. Alessandra
  42. Alexia
  43. Alessia
  44. Alexis
  45. Alexandra
  46. Adriana

Which one is your favorite? I think if I had a daughter today, I would name her Amalia and call her Mali for short.

Do you love an A name you don’t see here? Tell me in the comments below!

And, be sure to check out the other baby name posts in this series!

Happy baby naming,


girl names that start with a


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