How To Get Great Deals On The Best Children’s Books!



We are big into books in this house.

Both my husband I love to read. Before we had kids, we would spend hours on weekends roaming around used bookstores with a coffee in hand, looking for treasures  and negotiating the price on leather bound, rare books.

Now, we have kids, and I still roam for those rare finds and deals – just in a different way.

Fact is, books for kids don’t always stay in mint condition. The more they love the book, the more likely it is to have a short shelf life. So, whatever I can do to get a good deal – I’m in.

By the way, if you’re pregnant or a new mom and curious as to why it’s so important to read with your child, check out some of the research here or here, or just run a Google search for: benefits of reading to your child. It’s so exciting to see how just reading to your kid can improve empathy, attention span, behavior, creativity, and so much more. So simple to do – and so impactful!

So, with that said, let’s dive in to the ways that I find really great deals on the best kids books:

Dr. Seuss-Quote-On-Books

1. T.J. Maxx or Homegoods: 

Let’s face it, you’re probably shopping here anyway. With the deals on home decor and clothes, of course you are.

But, do you walk through the kids section and see what books they have? Or, check that rack by the checkout aisle that has a collection of books? Don’t miss it. You’ll find fan favorites for pennies on the dollar.

I regularly find books here that were more expensive other places. Of course, it is hit or miss – so if you find it, buy it!



2. Amazon: 

We all know Amazon’s algorithms are always looking to beat prices online. I love looking for book deals online and Amazon always has competitive pricing.

I do get annoyed when the corners are damaged, because – what can I say – I love books! But, truth is, your kid is probably going to do worse than that, amiright?

To get some ideas, check out my other post on the 10 Best Board Books for Babies! 



If your kids are school-aged, you’ve probably seen that scholastic form come home. Don’t toss it. Better yet, go online at, and you’ll find all sorts of amazing deals, such as the $1 book and sets of books, where you get 6 for $10.

Plus, they have a lot of their own titles that you may not see other places. It’s fun to give your kid a crayon and let them circle which ones they want. I’m often surprised by the ones that they pick!

4. Library Sales: 

Do you use your local library? When I became a mom, I was so impressed with all of the free activities and classes for ages from baby and up! Some of their baby classes rival the ones you’ll pay lots of money for – and your child will love them!

If you look at several libraries near you, you’ll notice that each library runs their own calendar. With lego workshops, holiday themed activities, crafts, baby classes with nursery rhymes and songs, and so much more, it’s definitely something to bookmark.

Plus, every so often, your local library will have a sale. Usually prices are set by the bag. Yup, you heard me. If they’re not, you’ll still get incredible deals on a stack of lightly-loved books.


5. Book Subscriptions: 

Let’s be honest, after awhile, I just start to see the same books everywhere I go. At a certain point, you need to widen the net to catch some new fish.

That’s why I signed my kids up for a book subscription called Lillypost. 

I chose Lillypost because I could pick a plan that mixed board books for my littlest and longer books for my older child. 


How It Works:

Based on the plan you pick, you are sent three or four books a month for around $20. Each subscription is slightly different, and you can find some promotions and good deals at times to lessen the cost. For example, the all board-book boxes start at just $15.95.

For example, if you enter your email, they’ll send you a coupon for 20% off your first box.

But, here’s the best part:

After 6 months, we still haven’t received a book that I have seen before. 

I’m serious. Every single time I open the box, I am pleasantly surprised to see books and authors I have almost never heard of.

And, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. my kids absolutely LOVE the books. Even when I first look at them and think…maybe they won’t.

Like this vibrant, entertaining monster tale:


Or, this really cool, graphic book about bugs, with pages that just keep going, tons of punchy, black and white graphics, and tons of facts:


For our board book this month, we got exactly what my daughter loves right now – a lift-the-flap book we haven’t seen anywhere else yet:


It is always so exciting to see this box on our doorstep. My kids tear into it and love reading the new books. These become their go-to books that we read all month long.

And for $20? I blow that much a month on random crap from the dollar section at Target.

Like, did I really need 6 hobnail jars in pink and purple? What was I thinking?

True story. #don’tjudge

So, there you go. How I get great deals on the best children’s books – while never sacrificing quality and always keeping them engaged and excited about reading.

How do you get your kids excited to read? I’d love to hear your favorite books below.

Have a fabulous day,


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