25 Spunky Short Haircuts for Women You’ll Want

short hair cuts

I find that as soon as we get to spring, people start chopping off their hair. It’s like spring cleaning for your locks. Cut off the old, prep for the new. While I love so many short hairstyles, I’ve only had short hair once in my life! I did the Lisa Rinna after a bad bleach job burned chunks off my hair.

While I eventually adjusted to having short hair, I never quite adapted to it. It’s made me a little fearful of ever doing it again, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating all the adorable new short haircuts I’m seeing pop up all over social media.

So, if you’re looking for new short hair inspo, maybe one of these will inspire your next cut. Take the picture to your stylist and talk about how you can make it work for you. And, if the images take a second to load, be patient. Image heavy posts like this can sometimes be on a delay, especially if you’re in a place with slow internet connection. Trust me, the images are there and I can’t wait for you to see them.

25 Best Short Haircuts for Women:

1. Layered Shoulder Length Cut – @cortesdecabelofeminino

short hair cuts

This is the first one that stood out to me and it’s the longest in this post. This shoulder dusting layered cut softly frames the face in a very flattering way. I’ve seen this cut on so many women and it always looks fabulous. I’ve worn this cut myself many times, too, and love it. You can easily grow this out to have longer layered hair or even crop it closer to the chin for a shorter look.

2. Short Blonde Bob – @hannahbur4

short hair cuts

This short, sleek, blonde bob is adorable. Her highlights really make it pop. This length is going to give her a lot to work with so she can curl it, texture it, straighten it, whatever she wants. It looks really cute when you do half-up, half-down with a cut this length, too.

3. Dark Pixie Cut @inmadelope

short hair cuts

This short, spunky cut is just perfect for her. Of course, I’d like her face, too, because she’s gorgeous. You’ve gotta see all the adorable ways she styles this cut. She makes it so fun. I wish I had the confidence to pull off something like this, but I definitely hide behind my hair.

4. Textured Bob – @styled_by_carolynn

short hair cuts

I’m such a fan of this beachy, textured styled hair. I love that the stylist shares how she achieved this style, too. Head to the post for all the info and to stare at more of her gorgeous work.

5. Blunt Cut Straight Bob – @rebeccab1d

short hair cuts

Yes, a vixen’s haircut, for sure. Absolutely stunning.

6. Blonde Bixie Cut with Fringed Bangs – @shannonrha

short hair cuts

Another showstopping look. I absolutely love this. Head to the link to get more info on the cut and color from the source!

7. A-Line Blunt Cut Bob with Messy Bun – @chloenbrown

short hair cuts

Chloe is a major player in the hair blogging game and she is amazingly creative with her short hairstyles. Check out her page for tons of short hair inspo.

8. Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut – @thastylist18

short hair cuts

This is perfection. The whole look. The cut, the color, the styling, the makeup. 10/10. If you’re loving this as much as I do, head to her Instagram because there is so many beautiful hair cuts and colors there, you’ll have a hard time deciding which one to do next.

9. Shaggy Bob – @chrisjones_hair

short hair cuts

This cut is so cute and her big smile is infectious. Chris graciously shares how he styles it as well, so head to the post for that info. Now, if we could all just find a stylist who could cut layers and texture like this, we would be golden.

10. Straight or Curly Bob – @nathaliebarros

short hair cuts

I loooove curly hair. Maybe it’s because mine is so far from curly and getting curls to stick takes 15 styling products and a prayer, but I also just love the fullness and fun. This shows how different the same cut can look on straight vs. curly styling. Check out her page for a lot more great hair content.

11. Soft Curl Pixie Cut – @shorthair_divas

short hair cuts

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do short hair because you have curly hair. Look at this one!

12. Fire Red Short Hair – @vibrance.studios

short hair cuts

Obsessed with this. And, she shows how the red changes in different light. Head to the post to see for yourself what a chameleon this color is. I absolutely love the styling and fullness to this look, too.

13. Short Haircut Transformation – @shearbeliefs

short hair cuts

I love a good hair transformation and this one nails it. Just nails it. So good. If you’re on the fence, because you’ve always had long hair, just look at this picture and imagine that this could be you. So good.

14. Blonde Bob with Side Swept Bangs – @bagriyalaleksandr

short hair cuts

I’m such a fan of side swept bangs. I’ve had them for most of my life and they soften this blunt cut bob just perfectly. This whole look is a vibe.

15. A-Line Bob – @seolahair

short hair cuts

In love with this. The straight, glossy, black hair is the perfect compliment to this a-line bob. The quality of this haircut is superb. I love that crisp line that just frames the face and grazes the chin.

16. Big Chop Transformation – @shearbeliefs

short hair cuts

This right here. If this doesn’t stop you in your tracks, I don’t know what will! I love the gray highlights and I have to know if this is natural or not. I have a friend who grew in her gray hair and it looks so much like this. Mine is coming in really patchy so I haven’t grown it in yet, but seeing this makes me reconsider my upcoming hair dye apt. If you’re looking for more gray hair inspo, check out this post with gray blending on dark hair color inspo.

17. Short Silver Pixie Cut – @henniegebhardt

short hair cuts

Everything about this, including the black sunglasses and all black outfit are on point. She has nailed the cool girl aesthetic. Check out her Instagram for a lot more info on her hair, style, and much more.

18. Long Top Pixie – @baborelli

short hair cuts

I’ve never seen a long top pixie quite like this. Usually a pixie is cut so close to the head, but this one has extra length on top, which gives it so many styling options. Check out her feed for tons of short hairstyle inspo.

19. Feathered Layered Bob – @maxwellmathson

short hair cuts

You’d really have to have someone who knows what they’re doing to recreate this cut, but when it’s done right – it’s a stunner.

20. Pink A-Line Bob:

short hair cuts

I had a friend who colored her hair similar to this and she called it her ‘unicorn hair’. I’m not sure if that’s the actual name, but it’s what popped into my head when I saw this fresh, fun, pink a-line bob that is so full of life it practically jumped off the screen. Usually, unless you have light hair to begin with, you have to bleach out your hair before applying a color like this, so make sure to check if your hair can handle that before diving in.

21. Salt & Pepper Spiky Pixie:

short hair cuts

Loving this edgy, salt and pepper, pixie cut with an attitude. This looks colored and not natural gray, but the effect is the same. I am loving how many women are embracing the gray hair, both natural and not. Hopefully, we can change the narrative around gray hair in our lifetime.

22. Wavy Bob with Side Bangs:

short hair cuts

This is so soft, pretty, and feminine. It frames the face and draws attention to her eyes. I love the unruliness of it. The little waves give it fullness. SO cute.

23. Layered Bob with Long Bangs:

short hair cuts

I looove this one. Refined and elegant, but also lots of fun. The variation in color really brings out all the layers and style. I’ve worn my hair layered for many years and it’s always my go-to.

24. Natural Gray Layered Bob:

short hair cuts

If a short cut like this isn’t layered and textured correctly, it can give a little helmet hair vibe. This is a prime example of how soft and pretty it can look when cut correctly. I love the natural gray color and how it really brightens up her face. Beautiful.

25. Curly Bob:

short hair cuts

Again with the curly short hair. I just love it. How much fun is this? And, I bet when they straighten it, it takes on a whole new look. That versatility is going to keep a cut interesting.

Styling Tips for Short Hair Cuts:

short hair cuts

If you’re new to short hair or just struggling to do something with your short hair cut, here are some tips for making the most of your cute cut and keeping your hair healthy.

  • Is your hair limp or lacking volume? It’s time for a clarifying shampoo. I recently switched to this one and the difference it has made in my hair is amazing. Jaw dropping. I’ve been using it daily, but I am told that I should only be using it every few washes. Idk, I’m so happy with the fullness and life it gives my hair, I don’t want to use anything else.
  • If you’re coloring, make sure to use a hair oil the night before you wash your hair and sleep in it. You don’t want those ends becoming fried, because then you’ll either need to cut it shorter or it’ll be fairly noticeable that the ends aren’t laying nicely. If you don’t like laying on a pillow with oil in your hair, consider a satin bonnet, since a scrunchie won’t hold all your hair up.
  • Protect your hair from heat damage with a good heat protectant styling cream. I’ve been using this one. 
  • If you still feel like you need more fullness around the crown, consider a root lifter – I like this one – or a mousse to add volume to your hair. This mousse smells like a trip to Hawaii. 
  • Looking for sleek and smooth? You want a smoothing styling lotion, like this one. 
  • For that sleek, shiny short hair, you’ll need a straightening iron, too, like this one. My stylist uses this Babyliss Pro Titanium Prima Ionic Straightener and she can curl with it and straighten, since the plates have heat on all sides and rounded edges, so it’ll be perfect for mixing up your short hairstyles. I really want one to use at home (it’s on my wish list!)

*Affiliate links are used here for products I buy and love. If you choose to make a purchase through my links, I may receive a commission at no cost to you.

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