Free Gender Neutral Mommy or Daddy Baby Shower Game!

mommy or daddy baby shower game

mommy or daddy baby shower game

I absolutely love this mommy or daddy baby shower game. Basically, guests try to guess which item on the list is more likely to refer to the mommy or daddy once baby arrives.

This is such a fun one to look back on months later and see if everyone’s predictions were right! Parenthood often changes us in ways even we didn’t expect.

Plus, I love this beautiful greenery design with the little lips and mustache for mommy and daddy!

How To Play Mommy or Daddy:

This game is so easy. Just print and give one to each guest.

Share answers and see what everyone says!

You can either have mommy fill out one of her own to use as the answer key or just use it as a conversation starter or icebreaker.

To download the free game, just click on the image below to open it in a new window.

mommy or daddy baby shower game

That’s all! Make sure to go over the answer key and see who won!

More Baby Shower Games:

This is one game in a set of 7 matching baby shower games. To see them all, click on the link below to check them out or you can buy them as one quick downloadable set with the answer keys all included!

None of these games require any extra pieces, so you’ll be ready to print and go.

Get all 7 from the link below for less than the price of 2 coffees (or less than the price of one coffee depending on your drink #NoJudgement):

7 Printable Baby Shower Games Set:

baby shower games

These are all of the games in the set – answer keys included:

  • Emoji Pictionary Baby Shower Game
  • Wishes for Baby
  • Advice for Mommy
  • Celebrity Baby Name Baby Shower Game
  • Who’s My Mama Game
  • Pregnancy Candy Match Game

I hope your shower is a fun time! If I were planning a greenery shower, here are a few things I would grab on Amazon (affiliate links used):

Make sure to come back and tell me how the shower went!

Have a fabulous day,


mommy or daddy baby shower game


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