27 Sweet Girl Names That Mean Love!

names that mean love

names that mean love

When I was naming my kids, I always checked what the baby name meant.

I just found it fascinating that I could pick a name that was lovely on the surface and then it could also have this secondary meaning behind it that added even more value.

And, is there a sweeter meaning to give your child than a name that means “love”?

No, I don’t think so.


Me too.

So, let’s take a look at the cutest girl names that mean love.

Girl Names That Mean Love:

names that mean love

  1. Amara – Country of origin varies, but in Latin and American, the meaning is “beloved”. A lovely name indeed!
  2. Aimee – Another name that means, “beloved”. Aims is such a cute nickname, too.
  3. Aiko – Japanese for “little loved one”. This is one of my favorites.
  4. Amadea – What a cool modern take on names like Aimee and Amanda, but also means, “God’s beloved”.
  5. Amanda – Partial to this one, as one of my closest friends is an Amanda.
  6. Amarissa – As a huge fan of Marissa, I really like this one, especially that it means, “little lover”.
  7. Amorette – French for “little Love”. Such a sweet name. I love any  name ending in “ette”.
  8. Amora – A play on the Spanish word “amore” which means, “my love”. Amora is a sweet name gaining popularity.
  9. Aziza – This spicy palindrome name is a punchy, fun name full of personality. No surprise it means “beloved and powerful”. If you love palindrome names, check out my post with many more!
  10. Cara – An all-time favorite of mine. Cara means “cherished” and “beloved”.
  11. Caris – Made popular by celebrities Michael Douglas and Catherina Zeta-Jones, Carys means “love”. To pronounce it, it rhymes with Paris.
  12. Carita – A beautiful Scandinavian name that means “love” or “beloved”. Cara is a great short version.
  13. Cherelle – A new “elle” name many haven’t heard that means “beloved of God”.
  14. Connelly – A fun, unisex name for the gender neutral name lover that means, “love and friendship”. When I was choosing names, I wasn’t a fan of the unisex name, but  now, years later, I really love  them.
  15. Darlene – A classic name meaning “loved”.
  16. Dylan – Another awesome gender neutral name that is so cute and means “love”.
  17. Esme – Inspired by the French word to love, Esme rose to the spotlight when given to a character in the beloved Twilight series.
  18. Freya – A name I’d never heard until I worked on the Top Baby Names post and saw this on the list! Freya was the name of the Norse goddess of love.
  19. Halia – Love this Hawaiian name (big fan of all things Hawaiian Islands) that means “memory of a loved one”.
  20. Kalila – A gorgeous Arabic name meaning “beloved”. This name easily shortens to Lila or Kali, both adorable nicknames!
  21. Love – Why beat around the bush? Love makes a perfect middle name, as seen with actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.
  22. Mila – Stunning Russian girl’s name meaning “dear one” or “little love”. I have heard this one so much lately from friends who would love to use it. Such a fresh take on Mia.
  23. Milena – Similar to Mila, but perhaps a bit longer and more elegant. Milena means “love, grace” in Czech. Millie would be such a fun nickname.
  24. Mina – German name meaning “love”. Such a great name that is not heard enough! Find more German girl names in this post.
  25. Priya – A Sanskrit name meaning “beloved”. I knew a Priya and she is as beautiful as the name.
  26. Suki – Gilmore Girl fans here? Suki means “loved”, which fits the character from the show perfectly.
  27. Vashti – Okay, back in the day, like way back in the day, I wrote a play in high school that featured a queen named Vashti. She wasn’t particularly lovable, so it was fun to see this one actually means “lovely”! A spunky, strong name with a sweet meaning.


So many memorable choices for your loved little one. Which one is your favorite?

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Have a fabulous day,

names that mean love


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