86 Nature Boy Names for the Outdoorsy Boy!

nature boy names

Nature names aren’t just for girls. While most botanical names for girls are floral, for boys we see a lot of nature inspired names that are strong and unique, such as Birch, Forrest and River.

And bonus: while these nature names for boys are not so common that your kid will have to go by Bear C. at school, they are familiar enough to be something most people can still easily pronounce and spell.

If being out in the wild is your jam, you might really connect with these earthy, botanical names for boys.

Let’s take a look at the absolute best nature boy names!

The Best Nature Names for Boys:

nature boy names

  1. Addax
  2. Alder
  3. Amir
  4. Arbor
  5. Ash
  6. Aspen
  7. Balsam
  8. Basil
  9. Bay
  10. Bear
  11. Birch
  12. Branch
  13. Calix
  14. Canyon
  15. Caspian
  16. Castor
  17. Cedar
  18. Clay
  19. Cliff
  20. Cloud
  21. Clove
  22. Cove
  23. Dune
  24. Elm
  25. Everest
  26. Falcon
  27. Field
  28. Fir
  29. Fisher
  30. Flint
  31. Forrest
  32. Fox
  33. Glenn
  34. Granite
  35. Grove
  36. Hawk
  37. Juniper
  38. Kaede
  39. Kai
  40. Kamal
  41. Koa
  42. Lark
  43. Lake
  44. Leif
  45. Land
  46. Leo
  47. Linden
  48. Lotus
  49. Lynx
  50. Malik
  51. Maple
  52. Marsh
  53. Meadow
  54. Moss
  55. North
  56. Oak
  57. Ocean
  58. Oliver
  59. Onyx
  60. Orion
  61. Parker
  62. Phoenix
  63. Quartz
  64. Quill
  65. Raine
  66. Reed
  67. Reef
  68. Ridge
  69. River
  70. Roan
  71. Rock
  72. Sage
  73. Salix
  74. Sequoia
  75. Shore
  76. Slate
  77. Stone
  78. Sunny
  79. Vale
  80. Vine
  81. West
  82. Winter
  83. Wolf
  84. Woods
  85. Wren
  86. Zeren


What do you think of these nature boy names? Would you choose something like Vine, Reef or Dune?

When I think of outdoorsy, my first thought is Bear Grylls and how perfect his name is for him. Children really do take on the personalities of their names!

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nature boy names

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