46 Boho, Hippie Boy Names for your Free Spirit!

hippie boy names

hippie boy names

Looking for the boy name for the brother of Blossom?

If you loved the hippie girl names list, then these boho hippie boy names are for you! I know that some lists with bohemian and hippie names are super long, but a quick scan and you’ll find a ton of names that very few people would ever really consider.

No shame on the super creative name game, but it’s just not something everyone is comfortable with. So, I like to pair my baby name lists down to the real real – the best choices in a specific category.

After seeing how many of you loved the earthy boy names for the nature loving parents post, I thought I would take it even further and give you the perfect hippie boy names for your tie-dying wearing free spirit.

Honestly, I think the names we choose for our babies says more about our preferences, style and values than it does the child – but babies have a wonderful ability to become the perfect fit for whatever we name them. Of course, we don’t always love the name we choose. If that’s you, you might love my post on baby name regret.

But we are here for baby names, so let’s get right to it!

The Best Hippie Boy Names:

hippie boy names

  1. Archer – Archie is gaining popularity, but Archer is still a very cool name.
  2. Arlo – Inspired by the singer known for protesting social injustice, Arlo also means “barberry tree”.
  3. Arrow – Arrows symbolize protection and courage.
  4. Atlas – If you love to travel, a name like Atlas might be the perfect addition to your family.
  5. August – Auggie is an adorable nickname for a hippie baby.
  6. Bear – Like Bear Grylls, Bear is great for the outdoorsy boy.
  7. Beck – You may not know that Beck means “brook”.
  8. Bodhi – An Indian name, Bodhi means “enlightenment” and is gender neutral.
  9. Brooks – If you like Brooke for a girl, Brooks could be your boy name!
  10. Cedar – Less common than river, but just as earthy.
  11. Dash – An adorable name for the boho baby.
  12. Dusk – The boy equivalent to Dawn
  13. Elm – Another leafy name on the rise.
  14. Enzo – Enzo is unique and has a hip, cool vibe.
  15. Forest – Also spelled Forrest, either way, it’s a great name.
  16. Fox – Another animal name perfect for a bohemian baby.
  17. Grayer – Grayson too mainstream? Consider Grayer!
  18. Hale – Like Rain, but a bit tougher and stronger.
  19. Indigo – A color that can crossover as a name
  20. Indio – A play on Indigo and India, India is truly unique.
  21. Journey – Life is, after all, a journey.
  22. Kai – A Hawaiian name that means “from the sea”.
  23. Koa – Noah too mainstream? Koa is Hawaiian name with a deep meaning for the islands a great choice for a child who will love adventuring.
  24. Lake – Works for any child!
  25. Leaf – Can also spell it Lief, too!
  26. Levi – If it seems too mainstream, Levi means “joined in harmony”.
  27. Marley – After Bob, of course
  28. Memphis – City names are excellent choices for the hippie family. See what other cities inspire you!
  29. Milo – A German name that means “peaceful” and “calm”.
  30. Nile – Inspired by the famous Egyptian river, Nile is a less common version of names like River.
  31. Ocean – A gender neutral name for any child who will have their own rhythm and flow
  32. Orion – If you love sleeping under the night sky, Orion might be for you.
  33. Phoenix – The name of a mythical bird that bursts into flames every 500 years and then a new bird rises from the ashes.
  34. Rain – Or Rainn, or Reign, they’ve all got that boho vibe.
  35. River – Becoming more popular, but still a great hippie name.
  36. Rome – Another location inspired name and a great alternative to Roman.
  37. Rowan – Another gender neutral pick inspired by a Celtic tree known for healing abilities.
  38. Sage – Whether it’s the plant or the word for wise, Sage is a great choice.
  39. Silas – A Greek name with a natural meaning, Silas means “forest” and “woods”.
  40. Soren – Inspired by 19th century philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, Soren is a gentle Scandinavian name fit for an earth baby.
  41. Sparrow – Formerly only for girls, Sparrow has crossed over.
  42. Wilder – Wilder is perfect for the hippie wild child and not surprisingly means “wild and passionate”.
  43. Wolf – Another classic hippie name.
  44. Zappa – For Frank, who named his own kids Dweezil and Moon Unit (too far, Frank, too far).
  45. Zen – A spiritual word that may encapsulate your hopes for your child’s state of mind.
  46. Ziggy – The ultimate nickname turned name.


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