39 Strong Boy Names for Your Little Warrior!

strong boy names

strong boy names

When I think of a warrior, the qualities that come to mind are things like brave, strong, and intelligent.

While there are boy names that specifically mean warrior, such as Gideon, there are also strong boy names that have meanings related to the essence of a warrior, such as strength and bravery. 

You might be surprised how many popular names share these meanings! For example, the name Cayden, which shot up in popularity in the last 5-10 years, means “great fighter”. 

So, if you’re looking to give your son a strong name fit for warrior, this is  a curated list of the best boy names out there for you.

The Best Strong Boy Names: 

strong boy names

  1. Alexander – a gorgeous, timeless boy name with serious historical roots that means “defender of mankind.” Wow. 
  2. Aiden – would you believe this popular name means “the sun god” and “fiery”? 
  3. Andrew – a classic name easily shortened to Andy or Drew that means “manly and strong”.
  4. Amell – means “power of an eagle”.
  5. Amory – reminiscent of the popular Emery, and loaded with meaning: “brave, powerful leader”.
  6. Austin – shortened form of Augustine that means “great, magnificent”. 
  7. Barrett – a gender neutral name that means “bear strength”. 
  8. Barin – a name with regal undertones and means “great fighter”.
  9. Bernard – an older, classic name that also means “bear strength”.
  10. Cayden – all varieties of this name mean “great fighter”. 
  11. Coen – a rarely used name poised for a big breakout, Coen means “brave”. 
  12. Donovan – another name not heard enough with the powerful meaning of “great fighter”.
  13. Eric – a solid boy name that means “powerful ruler”. I should know, Erica means the same thing 😉
  14. Ethan – means “firm and strong”.
  15. Etan – the Hebrew version of Ethan, also means “firm and strong”.
  16. Everett – this cool name means “brave as a wild boar”. Now that’s strong!
  17. Ezekiel – a strong Biblical name with the meaning “God strengthens”. Zeek is a great nickname.
  18. Finlay – of Scottish origin and fit for “fair haired warriors”. Finn is certainly a trending name. 
  19. Gabriel – a beautiful Biblical name that means “God is my strength”. Who doesn’t love Gabe?
  20. Garrett – this memorable Irish name means “spear strength”.
  21. Gideon – a name of Hebrew origin that means “great warrior”. 
  22. Griffin – the name of a mythological creature with half the body of a lion and half of an eagle. The meaning of Griffin is “strong lord or prince”.
  23. Guy – a short, chic boy name that means “leader”. 
  24. Hunter – a modern name with a strong, warrior-like quality.
  25. Kawan – Korean name that means “strong”. 
  26. Kenzo – a gorgeous Japanese name that means “strong and healthy”.
  27. Konrad – a cool name that means “bold ruler”. 
  28. Leonardo – a grand name with the incomparable meaning of “brave lion”. Leo is one of my faves. 
  29. Liam – this shortened form of William has been topping baby name charts for years and boasts the meaning “resolute protector”.
  30. Malin – a unique name with a great meaning of “strong little warrior”.
  31. Meyer – a rare name with the memorable meaning of “mayor or leader”. 
  32. Oswald – a name with literary connotations and a powerful meaning of “divine power”. 
  33. Owen – with a soft flow that rolls off the tongue, it might surprise you that Owen means “young warrior”.
  34. Phoenix – a  mythical character that dies in flames and rises from its own ashes, the phoenix is the picture of fiery strength.
  35. Reagan – another fantastic gender neutral name that means “little king”.
  36. Ryan – one of my favorite boy names that means “little ruler”. 
  37. Ryder – a newer name quickly becoming a new favorite, means “knight, warrior”. Cool. 
  38. Ryker – a name rising in popularity, and for good reason, since it means “superior strength”.
  39. Valerio – a name with that almost sounds Spanish and means “strength”.


Do you love any of these boy names that mean strong or brave? Would you pick a name like this for your son? 

I love the idea of choosing a name that has a meaning a child would be proud to share. I know I loved finding out that my name means “ever ruler” and “ruler of all things”. 

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Have a fabulous day, 


strong boy names


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