107 Great German Boy Names for your Little Gentleman

german boy names

german boy names

I had no idea y’all loved German names as much as I did. My post on German girl names has been such a hit, I decided to write one with the best German boy names, too!

German names are so beloved because they are both unique and classic. Many German names are easily pronounced in many languages, making them great choices for international families.

Of course, there are some German names that have the harshness of the German language and those are probably best suited for families that actually speak German!

For the rest of us, this is the curated list of the absolute best German names for boys.


The Best German Boy Names:

german boy names

  1. Adelio
  2. Adler
  3. Alois
  4. Alonso
  5. Alric
  6. Alvar
  7. Amery
  8. Ansel
  9. Anselm
  10. Anton
  11. Archie
  12. Arno
  13. Arvin
  14. Augusten
  15. Aurick
  16. Auster
  17. Axel
  18. Baden
  19. Baer
  20. Baldwin
  21. Barrett
  22. Bauer
  23. Beno
  24. Berenger
  25. Berlin
  26. Bernhart
  27. Bertel
  28. Blasius
  29. Boden
  30. Brahms
  31. Brant
  32. Braun
  33. Brick
  34. Bruno
  35. Charles
  36. Claudius
  37. Conrad
  38. Danner
  39. Darrick
  40. Decker
  41. Derek
  42. Dietrich
  43. Drexel
  44. Dwight – any “Office” fans?
  45. Egon
  46. Emerson – also on the girl list!
  47. Emery
  48. Emmett
  49. Everett – such a good one
  50. Fronzo
  51. Freddy – one of the top boy names for 2019!
  52. Fynn – a fave
  53. Gannet

baby name book


  1. Gerrit
  2. Haines
  3. Hamlin
  4. Harlan
  5. Harman
  6. Harry
  7. Henry – such a classic
  8. Hugh
  9. Hugo
  10. Ignacius
  11. Immanuel
  12. Ingram
  13. Ivo
  14. Jarvis – you’d have to be a Ironman fan!
  15. Jeffrey
  16. Jeremias
  17. Jeter
  18. Johan
  19. Justus
  20. Kaiser – cute, but a huge medical company where I live, though
  21. Keil
  22. Kellan – a great name!
  23. Klemens
  24. Kurtis
  25. Len
  26. Leo – my favorite
  27. Leon
  28. Levin
  29. Lou
  30. Louis
  31. Lukas
  32. Markus
  33. Mathais
  34. Max
  35. Milo – um, yes
  36. Otto
  37. Philipp
  38. Rainer – Rain is such a cool nickname
  39. Rainier
  40. Richie
  41. Ritter
  42. Rocco
  43. Romy
  44. Roth
  45. Rudy
  46. Ryker
  47. Silvan
  48. Stefan
  49. Theodor
  50. Tomas
  51. Walden
  52. Willi
  53. Wolf
  54. Ziggy


What a great list. So many good German boy names! Which one is your favorite?

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german boy names

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  1. A native German speaker
    October 24, 2020 / 9:35 pm

    Baden is a german city and also means to bathe
    Bauer is Farmer
    Boden means floor – maybe don’t go with that one….

    • Erica
      October 25, 2020 / 6:29 pm

      Excellent points there! I love hearing this native German perspective. Thank you so much for sharing (and people really do name their kids some strange things!).

  2. glorio
    July 11, 2021 / 4:30 pm

    Sorry, german here stepping in, before someone gets hurt…
    like maybe 20% of those are actual german names. Some are family names (Bauer- not sure that would be a legal first name here; Kaiser is a official title, definitely illegal), some are shortened nick names (VERY unusual and often not allowed on a birth certificate) And a LOT are names from other languages that are just also used here.
    Dwight is so not german, we don’t even have that gh-sound, I am sorry (poor kid would be pronounced Dwickt, if that was german) same for Hugh
    I am very sorry …

    • Erica
      July 11, 2021 / 4:34 pm

      Thank you for this feedback! My dad is from Germany and I had him look over the list – but he hasn’t lived there in awhile, so I really appreciate your thoughts! If you have any German names you know that I should add – tell me that, too 🙂

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