150+ Would You Rather Questions to Spark Unforgettable Conversations!

would you rather questions

would you rather questions

Looking for ways to pass the time or start some interesting conversations with people you thought you knew everything about? Would You Rather questions to the rescue!

I used to use Would You Rather questions in the classroom as a teacher, but they are just as fun to do with other adults – even your partner. 

There’s something about having to make a hard choice between two unlikely possibilities that will reveal new things about yourself and others. 

Let’s dig in to some fun and weird Would You Rather questions!

The Best Would You Rather Questions: 

would you rather questions

Would You Rather….

  1. Never leave home or never be able to go home?
  2. Be completely alone or too suffocated by people in your life?
  3. Face a untreatable pandemic or an alien invasion?
  4. Run out of toilet paper or lose internet access?
  5. Be super tall or super short?
  6. Have invisible powers or read minds?
  7. Be super funny or super smart?
  8. Have unlimited time or unlimited money?
  9. Be able to tell the future or time travel to the past?
  10. Have the ability to talk to animals or speak every language?
  11. Read a book or watch a movie?
  12. Be super cold or super hot?
  13. Lose an arm or a leg?
  14. Lose your sense of taste or sense of smell?
  15. Be a kid forever or an adult forever?
  16. Never fall in love or get your heart broken over and over?
  17. Be gorgeous in high school or a nerd in high school, but gorgeous as an adult?
  18. Be a trust fund baby or win the lottery?
  19. Be the oldest or youngest in your family?
  20. Die too young or live way too long?
  21. Have to sew your own clothes or grow your own food?
  22. Get a dream vacation or a dream car?
  23. Have dinner with your ancestors or future great grandchildren you’d never get to meet?
  24. Wake up super early or stay up super late?
  25. Live in constant summer or constant winter?
  26. Have your flight delayed overnight or have your luggage lost?
  27. Eat snails or octopus?
  28. End hunger or end hatred?
  29. Brush your hair or brush your teeth?
  30. Be a famous athlete or a famous actor?
  31. Have perfect hair or perfect teeth?
  32. Have way too many children or unable to have any children at all?
  33. Lose your memory or lose everything you own?
  34. Die from suffocation or drowning?
  35. Rewind and redo parts of your life or pause your life when needed?
  36. Have nosy neighbors or noisy neighbors?
  37. Never cut any of your hair or be bald?
  38. Have a headache or toothache?
  39. Be stuck in a crowded elevator or alone in the dessert?
  40. Be able to fly or breathe underwater?
  41. Have a full-time maid or a full-time chef?
  42. Be an amazing artist or a talented dancer?
  43. Have an extra finger or an extra toe?
  44. Live without TV or without a phone?
  45. Give up TV or sugar?
  46. Be really fast or really strong?
  47. Get a root canal or a colonoscopy?
  48. Win the Olympics or get a Nobel Peace Prize?
  49. Play in the snow or the sand at the beach?
  50. Go sky diving or shark diving?

would you rather questions

50 More Would You Rather Questions: 

Would You Rather…

  1. Give up pizza or ice cream for life?
  2. Talk in pig latin or talk in rhyme for life?
  3. Always get front row parking or always get green lights?
  4. Live on a houseboat or in an RV?
  5. Travel the world on a budget or go one place luxuriously?
  6. Live without AC or without heat?
  7. Drive a huge bus or teeny, tiny smart car?
  8. Be afraid of swimming or afraid of flying?
  9. Be blind or be deaf?
  10. Have fast typing skills or speed reading skills?
  11. Get a paper cut or stub your toe?
  12. Mop or vacuum?
  13. Lose your teeth or all your hair?
  14. Live without music or without movies?
  15. Wear sweatpants every day or never get to wear them again?
  16. Give up coffee or give up wine?
  17. Never have another dream when you sleep or have insomnia forever?
  18. Give a speech in front of millions or have to walk around in a swimsuit?
  19. Run for a political office or star in a reality TV show?
  20. Be great at something nobody cares about or just okay at something everyone cares about?
  21. Have free coffee for life or free internet – but you can’t buy the other one?
  22. Sleep in the wilderness or in a haunted house?
  23. Watch a short, scary movie or the longest, most boring documentary?
  24. Be a marathon runner or be in a wheelchair?
  25. Find a long-lost treasure or discover the cure for a rare cancer?
  26. Be in a coma or go to prison?
  27. Bleach your hair or get a bad haircut?
  28. Never see another commercial or never lose the remote again?
  29. Lose a hand or an eye?
  30. Sleepwalk or sleep with your eyes open?
  31. Sing like Beyonce or cook like Gordon Ramsey?
  32. Give up cake or cheeseburgers?
  33. Go vegan or have to hunt your own meat?
  34. Have your dream body or your dream job?
  35. Have chapped lips or a runny nose?
  36. Be a survivor like Bear Grylls or an expert negotiator?
  37. Be a model or a world class photographer?
  38. Give up sleeping in or staying up late?
  39. Write a term paper or run 5 miles?
  40. Only be able to lift weights or only do cardio?
  41. Have a poor memory, but be happy, or have a photographic memory and have anxiety?
  42. Be loved by pets or kids?
  43. Come back in your next life as a dog or a cat?
  44. Get free food or free flights for the rest of your life?
  45. Wear pants two sizes too small or two sizes too big forever?
  46. Lose weight without trying to get a good nights rest every night with good dreams?
  47. Have to walk on all fours or hop everywhere you go?
  48. Have to rap everything you say or sing like you’re in an opera?
  49. Be the better looking person in a relationship or marry the better looking person?
  50. Only eat with your hands or have to use a knife and fork for absolutely everything?

would you rather questions

Another 50 Awesome Would You Rather Questions:

Would You Rather…

  1. Have bad breath or bad gas?
  2. Cry over everything or not feel anything? 
  3. Get hypothermia or heatstroke?
  4. Be stuck on a ski lift or in a crowded elevator?
  5. Eat delicious food in a boring place or eat tasteless food in the most fun place?
  6. Accidentally send your bank statement to your entire email list or have your boss read your emails?
  7. Live surrounded by paparazzi or always be alone?
  8. Switch places with your pet for a short time or be allergic to all animals?
  9. Be a tour guide or a taxi driver?
  10. Only be able to get pedicures or facials for the rest of your life?
  11. Have only Disney movies or only reality TV shows forever?
  12. Live on only green juices or only fast food?
  13. Lick a trash can or a toilet seat?
  14. Have the best house in a crappy neighborhood or the worst house in a fancy neighborhood?
  15. Get everything you ever wanted, but die in a year, or continue as your life is now?
  16. Know when you will die or how you will die?
  17. Have a booger in your nose or food stuck in your teeth?
  18. Be a teacher or a school janitor?
  19. Get stung by a bee or hold a snake?
  20. Live by a neighbor who doesn’t take care of their home or has a barking dog?
  21. Have the same song stuck in your head or have the same dream every night?
  22. Be sent home on the first night of a reality TV dating show or make it to the final 2 but be the villain?
  23. Have a successful career doing commercials or starring on a soap opera?
  24. Be a mouse or an elephant?
  25. Do the laundry or do the dishes?
  26. Have a dinosaur as a pet or a unicorn?
  27. Be an expert at one thing or know a little bit about everything?
  28. Have to sit all day or stand all day?
  29. Have to give up breakfast, lunch or dinner for life?
  30. Be a deep sea diver or an astronaut?
  31. Get bit by a venomous snake or attacked by a lion?
  32. Visit the moon or Mars?
  33. Have too big of a nose or too long of a neck?
  34. Have hands that never stop growing or feet that never stop growing?
  35. Smell like cat pee or always smell cat pee around you?
  36. Be stuck on an island alone or in a small car with someone who never stops talking?
  37. Live where it’s dark for 6 months or only light for 6 months?
  38. Sell all your possessions or one organ?
  39. Be able to change the past or see into the future?
  40. Have to wear clown makeup or clown shoes?
  41. Give up cold food or give up hot food?
  42. Dump someone or be the one that is dumped?
  43. Go on an adventure or experience ultimate relaxation?
  44. Have a full belly or 8-hours of deep sleep?
  45. Give up laughter or give up love?
  46. Have unlimited money or infinite knowledge?
  47. Wear dirty clothes or ripped clothes?
  48. Be able to shower or wash your sheets (can only pick one!)?
  49. Take a vow of silence or a vow of celibacy?
  50. Be the last person on earth or the first person on another planet?
  51. Answer more of these questions or never answer another “Would You Rather” again?


So many fun questions! The best thing about Would You Rather games is that you can start and end whenever you want and you can let the conversations evolve organically. 

And, the occasional friendly debate is always encouraged! 

Do you have a favorite WYR that is not on this list? Tell us in the comments below!

Have a fabulous day, 

would you rather questions


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