10 Gorgeous Frames for the Frame TV

Samsung Frame TV frame

I’m obsessed with the Frame TV. The way that it can double as a piece of believable artwork is amazing, especially in home layouts like mine where the main TV area is also the sitting room. I wish we had a dramatic foyer that led to a sitting room that didn’t even have a TV, but our home has an open concept floor plan, which means the first room you walk into is also the great room.

Currently, our TV is very obviously, well, a TV. And with the invention of the Frame TV, I am itching to swap it out for something that can transform into home decor at the touch of a button.

But, in order to make your Frame TV look like a real piece of art, you’ll need to add the frame yourself. This is an added expense, but the beauty of this is that you can pick something that matches your home decor. So, while I’m dreaming of my Frame TV (on my wishlist!), I decided to round up the best options for Frame TV frames, from gorgeous handmade options from Etsy (that are surprisingly affordable), to the popular options that will ship fast and look great.

What is the Frame TV?

Samsung Frame TV

Before we get into the weeds, let’s discuss the Samsung Frame TV. If you already own one (lucky!), or you know what it is, feel free to keep scrolling to the frame options.

The Samsung Frame TV started the frame TV craze and is still the most popular option. The TV uses a slim fit wall mount, so the TV hands flush with the wall, similar to a piece of art. In addition, you can download pictures or pieces of art to display on the TV to transform your TV into home decor. And, with plenty of frame options that you can use to customize your TV, all of your guest will be asking you, “Hey, where’s your TV?”

Currently available in 5 sizes, from 43″ to 85″ (yowza!). There’s a frame TV for every space. There are a lot of places you can buy them, but we usually pick up TVs and appliances at Best Buy. They work with Rakuten, which gets you cash back on things you’re already buying. Use my referral code and get $30 off your TV, plus whatever discount they’re offering (at time of posting, it is 2%, but I’ve seen it go up to 10%).

There are also other places to grab your Frame TV, here are the others that I regularly shop and trust:

So many great options that will ship quick and get this TV right to your door. Just be sure to purchase your frame separately, based on the size of your TV. The frame is a one-time purchase, unless you want to swap it out seasonally with home decor (which could get pricey, but you do you). Here’s the best frame options, in my opinion.

*Affiliate links are used here, which means at no cost to you, I may receive a commission if you make a purchase through my links. Thank you!

Best Frames for the Frame TV:

1. Deco TV Pale Gold Bezel TV Frame – 

Samsung Frame TV frame

Deco TV is a major player in the Frame TV frames. Reviewers love that they are quick and easy to use, look great, and stay secure. I personally love the simple, modern lines of this pale gold bezel frame. Looks very chic and the pale gold is going to be a nice pop without being overly gawdy or glam. This will fit nicely with a wide range of home decor styles.

2. Deco TV Antique Gold & Black Frame – 

Samsung Frame TV frame

Get a two-toned look with this chic gold and black frame for your TV. I love the depth that this one adds to the TV. This will make your TV look like a substantial piece of art. Plus, I love decorating with black, so this would go well with the black cabinets and other decor in my house.

3. Vintage Gold Frame for Frame TV – 

Samsung Frame TV frame

This handmade beauty is offered by an Etsy seller who makes frames for a more affordable price than the big shops. Downside is shipping can take awhile, so factor that into your plans. Still, its worth the wait for this gorgeous piece that is going to really add some panache to your space. Reviewers say they’re exceptionally well made and easy to put up by yourself. Slay.

4. Minimalist White Frame for Frame TV – 

Samsung Frame TV frame

Love the minimalist look? Prefer white? Have a farmhouse style home? This chic white frame could fit the bill and for some sizes it’ll only set you back $99 dollars. That’s a steal! This would look really great in spaces where you have a lot of white wall moulding or cabinetry.

5. Deco TV Ornate Gold Frame – 

Samsung Frame TV frame

Go for the glam, baby, with this ornate gold frame that is going to stand out. Then, add that gorgeous TV art to draw attention right for it. Who needs expensive art when you can have a slim fit TV that’ll double as some? Exactly.

6. Deco TV Tuscan Black Matte Frame – 

Samsung Frame TV frame

I loooove this one! Have I said I love black enough times, yet? Never! This has the ornate quality of some of the gold ones, but the matte black makes it cooler. It absolutely fits the transitional style of my home. I think this would be a very hot contender for when I am shopping for my frame.

7. Deco TV Ornate Silver Frame – 

Samsung Frame TV frame

Get the detail in a chic silver that is going to melt into your walls a bit more. Not everybody wants a single piece to pop off the wall, so if you’re looking for it to blend in a little bit, while still offering some visual interest, this is the one for you! There’s also a very minimalistic silver option that is going to offer even more of a quiet look. I find that there are definitely spaces where I prefer chrome, silver, and brushed nickel.

8. Ornate Marble Gold Finish – 

Samsung Frame TV frame

Obsessed with this whole vibe. The frame, the art, yes. Gimme. This frame also comes in several other colors, too, such as a glossy black that is divine. Reviewers love this Etsy seller, too, and you’ll get an equally well-made product for half the price as Deco TV. Score.

9. Brushed Rose Gold – 

Samsung Frame TV frame

Available in 4 colors, but this brushed rose gold has my heart. This quickly fits to your TV and does not cover the sensor. Love the clean, classic design of this one. It would look so great as part of a gallery wall where you use the TV as a piece of art in a series.

10. Custom Wood Stained Frame – 

Samsung Frame TV frame

When we moved years ago, I didn’t want any wood tones in the house, but quickly realized that they add so much warmth to the space. Not everything has to be a wood tone, but adding in some white oak or even some warmer woods here and there can really add dimension and softness. This classic wood frame will do just that. You can choose from dozens of wood stains here to get this exactly how you want it.

Did you find the perfect frame for your Frame TV? Do you have a Frame TV? I hope you’ll tag me if you choose one of these frames so I can live vicariously through you until I get my own. Find me @ispyfabulous.

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