An Easy & Fun Doormat Refresh for Spring

funny doormat

Where my Friends fans at? If you still quote lines from this iconic show, then you are my people and this post is for you.

I recently needed to do a quick little front doorstep refresh. Rain, dirt, winter, and all the things had worn my little doormat down. The current doormat had seen better days. Here’s a before picture to give you an idea.


It’s not great. So, I knew I needed a new doormat. Plus, I wanted to do something a little more fun for the spring and summer, something that might get a little laugh from everyone who visits, including the wonderful delivery people that bring all my packages straight to the door.

When I saw this Friends themed doormat, it was an easy pick. Were Ross and Rachel on a break? I feel like the world is still divided on this all these years later. To add a layered look, I paired it with a simple plaid doormat underneath and voila! Front porch refresh is done. Sure, I wish I had one of those large, beautiful porches where I could put planters, flowers, and maybe a little bench, but we work with what we have, am I right?

More Funny Doormats:

I’ll be keeping an eye on my packages and sharing photos of whether or not my delivery people play along. I hope they will. Although, I already had one person ask me what this doormat meant. I guess I’m officially getting that old. When did that happen?

Anyway, while picking up this fun little doormat, I saw so many other cute ones that I almost bought. I rounded up some favorites that might inspire you to have a little fun with your front door, too. Take a look and find your favorite:

funny doormats


  1. Come Back With a Warrant Doormat
  2. Live, Laugh, Leave Doormat
  3. The Neighbors Have Better Stuff Doormat
  4. You Better Have Tacos Doormat
  5. Black striped two-piece set
  6. Taylor Swift Doormat
  7. Dogs Welcome, People Tolerated Doormat
  8. Welcome Peasants Doormat
  9. Deliveries Does Pineapple Belong On Pizza Doormat

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Hope you found a doormat that makes you smile when you see it. Follow me on Instagram to see updates in real time on what my delivery people do!

Also, what’s your opinion: was Ross and Rachel on a break? Tell me in the comments below!

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