I Tried The Viral Custom Curtains from Two Pages on Amazon

two pages custom curtains from amazon

I wasn’t planning on needing to buy more custom curtains so soon, but life doesn’t always go according to plan. We also weren’t planning on getting a new puppy during the virus that shall not be named, but that happened, too. And, while he’s super sweet, he has absolutely been the most destructive dog we’ve ever had. Luckily, I can very gratefully say that he seems to be done with that phase now, but the damage he has done is something we are still fixing, one item or hole in the wall at a time. Literally, he chewed holes in the walls. And the rugs. And the drapes.

Yes, he actually chewed the bottom of the custom drapes that we had lining the back slider doors. And, because the damage was unfixable without making the drapes too short or small, we just…lived with it until just recently. Ordering custom drapes this size can be very expensive, the first set costing us multiple thousands of dollars. So, whenI started seeing the viral videos all over social media with the Two Pages custom curtains from Amazon, I decided to give it a try. After all, there’s still a chance my dog could decide he likes to eat drapery again (cringe).

Our Old Curtains:

two pages custom curtains from amazon

Badly damaged drapes from a dog

To give you an embarrassing glimpse into what we’ve been living with, this is the damage that was done to the bottom of the drapes. He went after the bottom of both panels, too, so replacing just one wasn’t an option. These were a heavy linen with full blackout panels. The navy blue color was pretty, and the black curtain rods were custom cut to this space as well. Getting up on the ladder to take this picture really showed me how bad the clips had aged and how dusty it all was. Gross.

two pages custom curtains from amazon

Old drapery hooks coming off

But, besides the damage done to the bottoms, I always felt that this combination was too heavy and dark for the space. We don’t sleep in here, so full blackout is not necessary and the dark rod and curtains became a focal point in a room that has a lot of other things going on already, like our beautiful heirloom Persian rug in shades of red and navy. I knew that replacing them I wanted to go with something that would blend more seamlessly with the walls, to open and brighten the space up while allowing the focus to go on other parts of the room or even to the backyard, which can be seen through the expansive white slider doors.

So, even though we didn’t love having to replace the whole system after just five years, we decided to look at the positive and see this as an opportunity to change something that we weren’t loving anyway. The new plan was to get a curtain track with a slimmer profile in a finish that would blend with the walls and then a lighter weight linen curtain with more structure, so it would hang really nicely and be less of an eyesore. Let’s take a look at what we ordered.

My Liz Linen Two Pages Custom Curtains:

First, I ordered the Liz Linen fabric sampler from Two Pages on Amazon, which was a huge help in deciding which color we wanted to go with. There are so many beautiful colors here and I hope to use a more fun color in other rooms down the road, but for this space, the goal was for the curtains to blend in and not become such a focal point and that led me to choosing a soft warm grey called Fog. There is just the tiniest hint of green in it, very much a subtle undertone, but when held up to the wall in our space, it read as the truest gray and looked the best.

two pages custom curtains from amazon

Two Pages has a lot of other options, in terms of fabric types, colors, and patterns. I’ve seen spaces that use a gorgeous windowpane plaid (my personal favorite), as well as lush, moody colors and fabrics. You can order the swatch books here.

Once you’ve selected the fabric and color, you’ll have even more decisions to make, such as pleat type, width, length, liner, and whether you want memory. I did a lot of research and looked at a lot of videos online, compiling a list of what I liked or didn’t like about those, and these are the drapes I ended up ordering with a close up picture of what the details look like:

two pages custom curtains from amazon

I’m really happy with the quality of the material and the texture to the faux linen. It really adds a luxe feeling to the drapery. They are much lighter weight than the ones I had before, which is also what I wanted. The triple pleat is a nice touch. They look much more crisp at the top compared to the ones we had before. I think the double pleat would also look nice.

two pages custom curtains from amazon

If you’re looking at all the options and your head is swimming, here’s a quick list of what I ordered:

  • Liz Faux Linen in color Fog
  • Two panels (these are sold per panel, which is usually one half of what you need)
  • Triple pleat
  • Privacy lining (not full room darkening)
  • No tie back
  • Memory shaped (means they come ready to hang, you don’t have to steam them or train them. Considering I need a ladder to read these rods, I did not want to have to keep dragging that out to shape and steam them over and over again.) Two Pages notes say they steam iron at 248F and use special packaging so there are no wrinkles at all. I know this is an added expense, but I’m really glad I went with this.

The price for width, length, and selections that I made was about $1000 for 2 panels. Like I mentioned before, these are tall ceilings and this is a very wide door, so it’s a lot of curtain.

*Affiliate links are used here, for products I bought myself. If you choose to make a purchase through my links, I may receive a commission at no cost to you. Thank you!

The Custom Curtain Track:

Before finalizing the measurements for the curtains, I had to decide where I wanted to put the new curtain rod. I thought about putting it closer to the ceiling, but these are very tall ceilings and the longer the drapes, the higher the cost. Plus, I hate patching holes, so we decided to keep the current position for the new curtain track and use the existing holes.

I ordered a custom curtain track from this Etsy shop, which had great reviews and some of the best prices for a curtain track that I could find. Plus, it comes with everything you need to install it (minus the power drill) and 16 curtain ball carriers (the little plastic pieces that slide into the track and you hook your curtains on). For the entire thing, which is 166 inches wide, we paid under $600, which is seriously amazing. This is what it looked like installed without drapes or the end cap (it come with the end cap, you just put it on last):

two pages custom curtains from amazon

Note that this was only half of the ball carrier amount I needed for both drapes, so if you go this route, plan to add an extra pack of ball carriers. They only have these plastic ones, which are widely used for curtain tracks in homes, but know that they will not have the smooth glide of tracks used in commercial spaces or places like hotel rooms, which use a metal ball carrier with a roller ball, as well as plastic inserts that dampen the sound. You can get these kinds of tracks for the home, but you’ll pay a lot more for them. Honestly, I think down the road we may go this route, because I don’t love the plastic ball carriers, even though I really do love the slim look of this super well-made curtain track. In fact, it’s a lot more secure and strong than the ones we had before. It isn’t bowing at all in the middle the way the old one was, so overall, it’s a big win.

two pages custom curtains from amazon

The track and curtains was around $1600 all things considered, which was significantly less than what we paid for the original set that did not look as nice. In the last five years, a lot more affordable options for drapery has come on the market, so it’s a great time to DIY this area of your home.

Are Two Pages Custom Curtains from Amazon Worth It?

two pages custom curtains from amazon

The million dollar question! After seeing so many viral videos, I really wasn’t sure what I was going to think, but now that I’ve ordered and paid out of my own pocket for these drapes, here are my unfiltered thoughts. First, they were shipped very nicely and I liked that they came with more than enough adjustable plastic hooks, so if any break, I have replacements handy. I also was happy with the color and the weight of the drapes.

However, I measured many times and these are two inches shorter than what I was needing. I don’t know if I should have added length because of the triple pleat or what, but we even dropped the curtain rod down to the lower existing hole, and I adjusted the hooks as high as I could go without it making the drapes lean forward at the top slightly, so I’m not sure what happened.

My guess is that because the plastic hooks do not go all the way to the top of the drape, this cost me an inch or so and then maybe they were just cut a little too short. You can see here what the hooks look like. They are adjustable, but you can’t leave them all the way at the top, or the drapes lean forward, so I had to put them 2 hooks down to lay correctly. They come on the 4th hook, which looked better, but made them even shorter.

two pages custom curtains from amazon

At the end of the day, they are close to the floor (they should be on the floor) and I don’t know if they’re slightly uneven or if that’s just from them hanging differently from the hooks. When drapes hit the floor, you don’t notice something like this. But, having them float a little will make it easier to keep the bottoms clean and this is a high traffic area, so I’m going with it. I considered reaching out for replacements, but it is such an improvement from what we had and I’m ready to move on to other projects now.

two pages custom curtains from amazon

I would like to replace curtains in a couple other places in the house over time, switching out the heavy curtain rods for slimmer profile tracks like this one, but it’s going to be awhile before that happens. Would I consider Two Pages again? Yes, I would, but if they show up short again – I’m sending them back, haha.

Honestly, if they hit the floor, I think I would consider these as close to perfect as you can get.

Window coverings can change the look of a space completely, but they can also get pricey really quick. I love the more affordable options available, but I feel like there’s always a catch. Have you tried custom curtains or drapes from Amazon? I’d love to know what you thought!

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