Using Blush Plaid Wallpaper in my Daughter’s Baby Nursery!



The Baby Nursery Makeover:

When it came time to decorate my daughter’s room, I approached it with a healthy amount of mom-guilt.

You see, my first child came home from the hospital to a perfectly staged nursery with a (totally unnecessary) complete bed set and clothes washed, folded, and put away for almost a year.

But, by the time my daughter was on her way, my oldest was still in that lovely nursery….and we had good reason to believe my husband’s work would be transferring us soon.

And transfer us they did. We got the call just 6 weeks after coming home from the hospital and began the arduous, monumental task of selling one home and shopping for another.

So, she was over a year old before we were in a permanent home and I could finally give her the room of (my) her dreams.

​Here’s what the room looked like when we had only put up the chandelier and a couple of decorations. Still a loooot of work to do:

The Nursery Before:


Pretty basic layout. A couple of small windows that give a smallish amount of light, still using the free blinds that came from the builder. We intend to swap those out for cordless blinds before she moves in.

Other than that – it’s a gray paradise – gray walls, gray carpet, gray everything.

I love gray, but it was too much gray.

Before taking this picture we had already installed her new chandelier for more light and some decor, like the blush pink hanging tent.

But, it was still just too much gray.

That’s when I started considering either a whole wall decal or some wallpaper.


I have the same concerns with wallpaper as you are do.

In fact, we had to retexture the walls over old wallpaper in our last house, because it couldn’t be removed without damaging the walls.

But, my friend, times have changed.

Wallpaper has had some upgrades.

Now, it is thick, well made, and easier to remove.

After muuuuuuch deliberation, I settled on this gorgeous blush pink plaid from Magnolia Home, purchased through Bellacor. While neither Magnolia nor Bellacor sponsored this post, that is an affiliate link.


When it was time to hang it, we did hire installers.

I wasn’t about to take on these 10-foot walls.

That was a great decision.They were total pros and had this entire wall and another room done in one day.

I can’t even imagine how much marriage therapy my husband and I would’ve needed to recover from the disaster of trying to hang this wallpaper ourselves.

When they were finished, it had already given the room new life.


You can see the difference already.

The paper just adds so much personality to what was a blank slate before. 

Finishing Touches:

Now, it was time to add the finishing touches: art, rose gold tipped butterflies, roman shades and, of course, some furniture, rounded out the design.

Then, not long after she moved in, she somehow commandeered my faux fur rug from my office.

Like, who am I dealing with here?

#Mastermind #BabyGenius


Final Reveal:


The end result truly captured the vision that I had for her room and we all love it.

Someday, I’ll take pictures of the other side of her room, so you can see how the rest turned out. 

Hopefully, she won’t hold it against me that it took me awhile to do this for her 😉 

Have a fabulous day, 




  1. October 23, 2018 / 7:53 pm

    So pretty!! I love the pink gingham pattern. It’s so soft & feminine. Perfect for a nursery!

    • Erica
      October 23, 2018 / 9:23 pm

      Thank you so much, Tonya! I really loved putting it together. I was originally looking at floral murals, but I am so glad I went with the pink gingham. Thanks for reading!

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