3 Super Relaxing Music Videos for Stress Relief

relaxing music

Music has such a powerful effect on our moods and ability to relax or focus. I love using specific music while I work, read, or when I need the kids to just. calm. down.

So, after hunting down videos with rain sounds and ocean scenes over and over again on YouTube, I decided to find a video maker who could make me some of my own – commercial free – that I could use whenever I want – and now I’m sharing them with you!

Why You Should Use Music For Relaxation:

relaxing music

When you’re looking for music for relaxing, studying or napping, there are a few things to look for. Studies have shown that lyric free music is ideal, otherwise you are splitting your senses and asking your mind to listen to lyrics while simultaneously trying to focus on a task. For me, as  writer, this is especially true. I notice a distinct difference when I work to music with lyrics vs. instrumental, such as these videos.

Same goes for when you want the kids to rest or relax a little. In fact, I tested these videos on my own kids after getting them and all three of them fell asleep – even my two older kids who almost never nap! I’ll tell you, I had a hard time staying awake for some of these, too.

Another thing to look for is slower and/or repetitive tempos. Your pulse and heart rate will begin to mimic the slower, steadier beat. You’ll also start to breathe in time with the music, which will further relax your body and mind. Slower tempos have also been shown to help silence the mind, further enhancing the stress relief element of relaxing music.

For some jobs, you want the music to be faster pace so that you will match it. For me, I start to get too anxious while I’m writing if I do that, so I stick to repetitive, relaxing sounds like these videos.

Here’s a great post with a lot more detail on the body’s response to music.

How Nature Sounds & Imagery Reduce Stress:

relaxing music

I also wanted to incorporate nature sounds and imagery into these videos, such as ocean and water imagery – which I find deeply relaxing. I also love the sound of rain and live in a place where rain is very rare. We might only get a few weeks of rain a year!

To me, these nature vistas and sounds are almost hypnotic – often putting me in a trance like state of relaxing or focus. I know I’m not alone; studies have shown this to be true for most people. These sounds are not only calming, they offer known health and well-being benefits. Studies have shown that water sounds are the most impactful for improving your outlook. Nature sounds and imagery in general also pack some of the benefits of actually being out in nature and in the outdoors, which we all know can be incredible for our health and mindset, yet difficult to always achieve in our busy, urban lifestyles.

So, these are the things I was thinking about when I had these videos made. I hope that you love them as much as I do.

Ways To Use These Videos:

There are a lot of ways you can use these videos! Here are some ideas:

  • Relaxing
  • Napping
  • Getting your kids to relax
  • Working without distraction
  • and more!

Video 1: Rain Sounds

Ahh, I am such a sucker for the sound of rain. I don’t get it in real life often enough, so I use this relaxing rain sounds video when I just need the sound of rain in my life.

This rain video has soft music without lyrics laid over it for a lovely effect that is very relaxing:

Video 2: Soothing Music & Nature Scenes

Seemingly endless white-capped mountains and floating through cavernous canyons will transport you to a different place, while soft, instrumental music will calm and relax you.

Video 3: Relaxing Water Scenes and Music

Expansive bodies of water, rolling ocean waves, floating over white sand beaches and more in this relaxing video that feels like a vacation. Water is my preferred element, so the imagery in this video is my personal favorite.

Are you a fan of relaxing music and videos? I think stress relief is such an important part of wellness, particularly if you are dealing with autoimmune issues, like I am.

For more relaxation and wellness tips, check out my post on breathing exercises, meditation apps and mindfulness that can help, too.

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