The Best Game Plan for How To Shop the Amazon Prime Days!



Amazon Prime Day is here, people! Are you ready?


Alright! Let’s talk GAME PLAN.

1. You Must Be an Amazon Prime Member!

If you are not already an Amazon Prime Member, you need to get a membership to partake in the mega-deals that are about to explode from the internet.

And, guess what – you can go right here, seriously  just click right here, and you can go open an Amazon Prime account.

You get a free trial if you haven’t signed up before, so take advantage of that trial to shop the sale.

Then, just put a reminder in your phone to cancel it before you are charged.

BUT, honestly, the Prime membership pays for itself really quickly.

As a Prime member, you get awesome perks, like:

  • Free Shipping on MOST products – this more than covers the cost of membership for us every year.
  • Free Shows – they are always releasing new shoes free for Primer
  • Free Movies – same deal here
  • Special Sales – as a Prime member, you’ll always get the what’s up on the best sales and deals
  • & More!

So, feel free to go check it out and see if it is right for you!

2. Prep for Amazon Prime Days!


The Amazon Prime Sales are two days of very quick, but significant price drops, on ALL sorts of products.

This is the time to think about what you could possibly need:

  • Housewares you want or need to replace?
  • Gifts you need to buy soon?
  • Big gift ideas for Christmas you normally couldn’t afford?
  • Treat yo’ self?
  • Back-to-School clothes, supplies, etc.?
  • College dorm things for that kid going to college?
  • Car parts?
  • Home decor?
  • Beauty products?
  • Hair tools?
  • Pet supplies?

The sky is the limit here, folks.

So, get that Prime membership and get ready to go.

I’ll start sharing deals I think are relevant to my audience as I see them drop and you need to know that if you see something you like you NEED TO POUNCE ON IT.

I’m not kidding, it will literally sell out WHILE IT IS IN YOUR CART.


3. Wait For Your Goodies!

The wait for packages is like the anticipation of Christmas day.

Pretty soon you’ll come home and you’ll see all your great deals piled up in front of your door.

It’s a good day, people.

A good day.


Is there anything in particular you’d like to know about during this sale?

Let me know in the comments below!

Have a fabulous day,


PS. Here’s that link to get your Prime membership, so you don’t forget!


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