Free Colorful Earth Day Word Search Printable!

earth day word search

Earth Day is such a great opportunity to teach kids about our planet! It’s also a global day of collaboration on projects like recycling, climate change, pollution and more.

If you’re using this free Earth Day word search as a great intro activity to studying Earth Day, here are some interesting facts you can include as well! Or, check out my post with 30 Earth Day facts and a free printable, too!

10 Facts About Earth Day:

  1. On the first Earth Day, 20 million people or 10% of the American population got involved! (source)
  2. The first Earth Day was the planet’s largest civic event! (source)
  3. Earth Day started in 1970 (making 2020 the 50th Anniversary!)
  4. Now, Earth Day is a global event on April 22
  5. Over 3.5 billion people participate in 190 countries (and counting!) (source)
  6. Recycling saves 3 to 5 times the energy that waste incinerator power plants generate (source)
  7. Half the world’s tropical and temperate forests are now gone (source)
  8. More than 100 billion pieces of junk mail are delivered in the United States each year (source)
  9. It only takes about 6 weeks total to manufacture, fill, sell, recycle, and then remanufacture an aluminum beverage can (source)
  10. In 2011, 28 million trees were planted in Afghanistan in honor of Earth Day (source)

How To Use the Free Earth Day Word Search:

To use this free printable, just click on the image below and it’ll open in a new window.

Use this at home when teaching kids about Earth Day or in a classroom setting to explore key vocabulary.

Don’t forget to include kids in age appropriate Earth Day activities, too!

Easy Earth Day Activities for Kids:

Kids love being included in activities that improve our planet. Here are some ways you can get kids involved:

  • Start going zero waste. I wrote a whole post on my favorite kitchen zero waste swaps
  • Teach young kids about taking care of the planet by using this printable and more!
  • Start a garden
  • Organize a tree planting or garden planting party
  • Organize a neighborhood clean-up.
  • Or, if your neighborhood is clean, invite neighbors to a local park or area that needs some love!
  • Organize a beach or lakeside cleanup (always wear gloves when cleaning outside your home!)
  • Organize a recycling event at your kid’s schools
  • Talk to your kids about plastic pollution and look for ways to reduce plastic use!

Download the Earth Day Word Search:

Here’s the free Earth Day word search! Click on the picture below:

earth day word search


More Earth Day Coloring Pages:

Check out my new set of 5 Earth Day color-by-number coloring pages, full of inspirational images that show kids hugging the earth, recycling, riding bikes, planting trees and more. Positive quotes like, “There is no Planet B”, “Go Planet, It’s Your Earth Day”, and “Plant Trees; Plant Hope” are memorable and fun. Read more about the set in this post or click on the image below to shop.

earth day coloring pages

More Earth Day Freebies:

Want more Earth Day fun? Check out the free Earth Day I Spy printable! And, don’t miss this fun post with 15 free Earth Day crafts for kids!

I hope these ideas give you plenty to work with when planning an educational and fun Earth Day!

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