11 Chic Fandaliers To Add Comfort & Style To Your Space


Five years ago when we bought our house, I needed a light fixture for the great room, which is the largest room in the house. I was really torn between a chandelier for ambience and a fan for keeping the air moving. Practicality won the day and I found the coolest fan available at the time – a chic acrylic fan that has gotten a lot of compliments over the years.

However, in the last few years, fandaliers have exploded. Combining fans with the showstopping look of chandeliers and high end lighting, they give us the best of both worlds. Now, we can have a beautiful light fixture while also having the option to keep that air moving when needed.

I’ve been watching the fandalier market grow and now there are more options than ever before that blend comfort and style. In fact, I’m so in love with these fandaliers, I plan to move my acrylic fan upstairs into the loft and replace it with one of these sometime this year. And, I’m replacing another fan in the house with one of these as well. I can’t wait.

So, if you’re in the market for a fandalier too, I’m sharing my favorite finds with you here. Affiliate links are used, which means at no cost to you, I may receive a commission if you purchase through my link.

11 Chic Fandaliers for Comfort & Style



1. Craftmade Taylor LED Indoor Smart Fandelier:

Love this one. The retro feel is very cool. Available in 5 colorways and it’s under $400.

2. Moooni Crystal Fandalier:

Get that shimmering crystal chandelier look with a fan option. Very cool and affordable.

3. Quoizel Lighting Barlow Fandalier:

Quiozel has one of the best collections of fandaliers in the business right now. I had a hard time narrowing it down to my favorites. You might just love them all.

4. Quoizel Lighting Fandelier:

Another amazing Quiozel fandalier high on my list of favorites.

5. Quoizel Lighting Coffman Fandalier:

This one. Big time favorite. In love.

6. Savoy House Lyon Fandalier:

I’ve had this on my list for a long time. Comes in 3 colors, silver, gold and black, although black is hard to find. I found the black one here, in stock, though!

7. Savoy House Stockholm Fandalier:

Comes in two colors. Another excellent choice.

8. Mooni Modern Crystal Fandalier:

Love intricate chandeliers? This black and gold combination is very chic.

Under $300!

9. Wood Beaded Fandalier:

My cousin got this one and it’s so cute.

Around $100

10. Quiozel Calvary Fandalier:

I told you Quiozel is killing it in the fandalier department!

11. Parrot Uncle Henslee Fandalier: 

A classic design that will go in so many spaces. Currently $319.50!


Do you love any of these? So many amazing options! Let me know if you end up grabbing one.

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