12 Gorgeous Vases From $25 and Up!

vases for flowers

It’s almost spring and that means flowers will be blooming and peonies will be bundled and sold at your local Trader Joes. I absolutely love displaying fresh flowers around the house and peonies are my most favorite flower of all.

In preparation for all those beautiful flowers, we’ll need the perfect vases to display them in all their glory. I’ve seen so many great vases lately that I thought it would be fun to round up the best ones.

So, if you’re looking for a chic way to display that Valentine’s Day bouquet or those fresh blooms in your backyard, maybe one of these is just right.

12 Best Vases for Flowers:

vases for flowers

  1. Anthropologie Pitta Vase – $38
  2. Creative Co-Op Terracotta Crackle Finish Vase
  3. Bloomingville Glass Vase with Cane Sleeve
  4. Lectra Black and White Ceramic Vase
  5. Studio McGee x Threshold Tall Carved Ceramic Vase – $35
  6. Pottery Barn Seehorn Handcrafted Vase – I love this one so much
  7. Halldale Terracota Vase Collection – Gorgeous
  8. Magnolia Rustic Black Hand-made Vase -$40
  9. McGee & Co Delgado Vase – So good and on sale!
  10. Ban.do Strawberry Vase – ADORABLE
  11. H&M Glass Vase – comes in clear, this bronze/gold color and a beautiful emerald green
  12. Kimdio Ceramic Vase with Handle – love this French blue color

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Which vase is your favorite? I wish I could buy them all! I try to buy vases that double as home decor, even when there are no flowers in them, but it sure is hard to resist that strawberry one!

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Hope you found something you love today.

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