9 Affordable Figure Skating Outfits We Love

figure skating outfits

So, you’re a figure skating mom now! That means lots of time sitting at a cold rink and trying to figure out how to manage the costs of a rather expensive extracurricular activity. I feel you – I’m officially an ice mom, too. I happen to be a long-time fan of figure skating and love seeing my kiddo do something they love, but I’m also looking for ways to get her great gear that is also affordable.

We’ve bought things that we liked – and we’ve definitely bought things we didn’t like. That’s why I recently shared a post with 9 of our favorite affordable ice skating items. But, I had a hard time narrowing down the outfits to our favorite 2 ice skating pants, so now I’m back with 9 affordable figure skating outfits, pants, and jackets that will keep your ice skater warm and comfortable while they’re on the ice.

9 Affordable Figure Skating Outfits for Practice:

figure skating outfits

Many of these sets or pieces are available in several colors and some of the sets are sold together, while others are sold separately. Considering ice skating outfits can cost close to $200, all of these options are more affordable by comparison. Plus, each of these brands offers other styles, colors, options that you might like better! I hope your skater likes these as much as mine does! Affiliate links are used here, which means at no cost to you, I may receive a commission at no cost to you. Cheers!

  1. LIUHUO black & pink figure skating set – This is such a cute almost retro style set. This is my personal favorite – it is so cute!
  2. ChloeNoel Swirls figure skating pants and matching jacket (have to purchase them separately and comes in several different colors!) Love the design of this one, really stands out on the ice!
  3. Padded skating pants with skirt – Hide the padding under a rhinestone studded skirt, available in three pretty colors! These have been a great find for us and we use them all the time.
  4. LIUHUO Rhinestone figure skating pants – Comes in teal and pink, too! Very soft and great quality.
  5. Super soft figure skating pants – available in 8 different colors! We use these pants the most.
  6. Pink training jacket and pants – Such a cute set. Looks way more expensive than it is.
  7. LIUHUO figure skating spiral pant & jacket – Look at the crystal detailing on this one. So pretty. Great set for the price. Available in several colors.
  8. Ice Fire Rainbow Criss Cross Jacket and the matching pants –This one ships really quickly and my daughter LOVES It.
  9. NY2 Sportswear Polartec Polar Fleece Jacket and the matching pants –Love the crystal patterns on this one and the jacket would go with so many other pants, too.


Do you have any of these figure skating pants or jackets? I’d love to know which ones are your favorites. For more figure skating recommendations, from our favorite gear bag to soft knee pads that cushion those falls, check out this post. 

And, if you have questions or are looking for help with a certain type of figure skating gear, leave a comment below so I know what other types of figure skating posts to write!

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