The 2024 Hair Trend Predictions Are In! Which One Will You Try?

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I am now old enough to understand why my mom and her friends would laugh at all the trends I thought were so new as a kid and a teenager. Everything old becomes new again and that is the overarching theme for fashion and hair trends this year.

While Cowboy Copper and showstopping reds took over social media last year and made for a very fiery and warm fall and winter, spring is coming and hair trends will shift to welcome the new brighter, warmer months ahead.

So, if you’re looking to do a little refresh or take that “spring cleaning” energy to the salon to make a big chop, let’s take a look at the hair trends that experts predict will dominate 2024 so you can prepare.

2024 Hair Trend Predictions:

1. Natural Gray is in:

gray blending on dark hair

c/o @nikkiscandalous

If you haven’t started seeing all of the posts about women embracing their “glitter” or natural color growing in, grays and all, then you might see it soon. The trending hashtag “silversisters” is showcasing all of the women who are ditching the hair dye and letting their hair color do its thang. I’ve been so inspired by this movement and have considered growing in my own increasingly gray hair. In fact, maybe this is the year I’ll try it out and see how it looks!

If you’re looking for ways to embrace the gray or blend it in for a less damaging, lower maintenance look, check out my post with tons of gray blending inspo. 

2. Side Swept Bangs are back:

Embed from Getty Images

I had bangs for almost my whole life and I am just a fan of how they can really shape a face. I’ve always thought that bangs are flattering, when cut correctly for someone’s face shape and styling preferences, so I am excited to see how the side bang is refreshed for 2024.

You can already see celebrities sporting this trend and with icons Dua Lipa and Taylor Swift jumping on the bandwagon, it’s sure to pick up steam quickly. For lots of bang inspo, check out my post with lots of bangs inspo to help you choose your next chop!

3. Lobs & Bobs for Days:

Embed from Getty Images

All of those bunt cut bobs are growing out and that means a season of beautiful lobs or long bobs will be everywhere. Lobs are a gorgeously flattering cut that gives hair so much volume while still framing the face beautifully. Plus, we are seeing some playfulness those chops, with asymmetrical bobs and more, so if you’ve been dreaming of going after that adventurous cut, 2024 is your year to try it out.

For more lob cut inspo, check out my post with lob and bob haircut inspo.

Or, to see the new Old Money Bob, check out my new post with 15 cuts to inspire you.

4. Bronde is in:

Embed from Getty Images

If you’re new to “bronde”, it’s a combination of brown and blonde that has been used for a long time. It’s that perfect marriage between the two hair colors that brightens the face and gives hair beautiful dimension without over bleaching the hair. Bronde started picking up steam last year before Copper Cowboy just drove it right off tracks and stole the spotlight.

Look for bronde to move full steam ahead this year, thanks to famous representation with the likes of the queen, J. Lo, and other celebrities who gravitate toward these flattering honey-toned hair hues. For a collection of shimmery bronde hair color, check out my post here.

5. Warm Coppers & Deep Reds:

Those bright coppers are fading tones are darkening. Expect to see a lot of warm coppers and warm, rich reds in the spring. I happened to follow this path myself. I went for the bold Cowboy Copper look last year and then started toning and deepening the color to the dark, rich red I have now. Lucious reds have such a depth and vibrancy to them and they do amazing things for your skin.

To find the perfect red hair color for you, check out my new post with a showstopping collection of 21 red and auburn hair colors.

6. Natural Roots Are Growing In:

And we’re not dying them! The move to more natural hair is giving the freedom to grow out that color and not feel like you have to sit in the salon every four weeks for a touch up. In fact, with softer, grown in hair color like foilayage, balayage, and baby lights, we’ll see hair color adapting to this desire to let hair grow in and rest between treatments.

As someone who has had to stop bleaching her hair because of the damage, I am all in on this movement. I’ve been seeing lots of stylists who are going around and teaching lived in looking color that can last up to 6 months! You will pay more for these treatments in one sitting, but over time, you’ll actually save money and time from not needing those regular touch-ups. Of course, for those of us with gray hair growing in, this can be problematic, which points us back to the first trend on this list, with women just opting to forego hair dye altogether and go natural completely.

7. Bring on the volume:


Pump it up! Volume is back! I’ve always been a volume girl. I just like the way it looks on me best, so when everyone was straightening their hair flat, I was still blow drying and curling mine, even if I looked like an overaged pageant queen. Needless to say, I am thrilled with this news!

If you’re new to getting volume out of your hair, use lighter products that won’t weigh your hair down and don’t forget the heat protectant! Then, try blow drying your hair with a blow dry brush, or set your freshly dried hair in large velcro rollers for a few minutes while it cools. You can either leave it natural with a little finger combing after taking them out, or touch up with a curling iron to get more defined curls. To try out the hair tools that I swear by and use all the time, check out this post here. 

8. Embrace the Updo:

Updos are going to be big, with beautiful French twists, braided updos, and elevated updo looks. If you’re looking to recreate some of this red carpet glam for your own event or just for fun, check out some of the posts on the blog with very popular collections of hair tutorials:

There’s many more hair round-ups on the blog, too so find the one you’re looking for! Have fun recreating these looks on your own or take them to a stylist for an updo that is sure to be a hit.

9. Easy Styling:

Embed from Getty Images

Good news, it’s time to put down the hot tools and let your hair go. Minimal styling is in, so look for less overstyling and more natural looks, like this goreous easy wave from Blake Lively. To get a similar look, ask for long layers that are blow dried, but not overly curled, and let natural curls and waves do what they want instead of straighten them pin straight.

To accomplish this look, get good products that work with your hair type and then go with it, rather than fight, whatever your hair wants to do. I love this theme for this year, because this is precisely what I started doing last year when I stopped bleaching my hair and went red/dark brown. My hair needed it or I was going to have to chop it all off, but now it’s shiny and thick and healthy. I get more comments on my hair dark than i ever did light and it’s because I’m working with what my hair wants.

10. Cool Tone Brunettes:

cool toned brunette

Yup, cool toned, ash tone, natural toned brunettes are in, baby. So, if you’re tired of fighting your natural hue or just want to embrace the cooler side, go for it. This is your year.

I was stopped in my tracks when I saw this image of this gorgeous cool-toned brunette. I’m a big fan of seeing more of this and less of the super bleached look.

11. Chunky Hair Accessories:

Embed from Getty Images

Big clips, chunky headbands, large, shaped claw clips, it’s all in for this year, so grab that huge, cute hair accessory in the shape of a flower and get after it!

If you’re looking for style ideas for using large claw clips, check out my post with some hair tutorials designed for those adorable claw clips you just couldn’t resist.

I just loved putting this post together and researching all of the hair trends, hair colors, hair cuts, and hair accessories that we can look forward to seeing this year!

Are you looking to try out any of these trends? I know for me, this is the year I let my hair do what it wants, stop overstyling it, and just let it rest and be.

I think we could all use a great hair reset, don’t you think?

Have a fabulous day,



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