50 Step by Step Drawing Worksheets for Kids!

step by step drawing for kids

step by step drawing for kids

When schools shut down in the spring, I learned something new about my son – he really loves to draw. We started watching these free videos with Mo Willems where he would guide viewers through a short drawing tutorial.

Sidenote: I love Mo Willems even more now. What a treat to take art classes with him!

Anyway, after he would do the video with  Mo, he would start asking to draw more. I started digging up all of these tutorials online and found some really cool stuff. We also found things that really didn’t work, such as grid drawing … have you tried grid drawing?


 Mama is no artist – so he doesn’t get this from me, I’ll tell you that. So, after he burned through the best on the internet, I had no choice but to get more for him (and me, also for me, because this kept him very entertained for a long time….you know what I mean?).

I ended up having a designer whip up 50 more step by step drawing tutorials for kids – 30 animals and 20 things that go, including a monster truck, because my kid really really wanted to learn to draw a monster truck. Mmkay?

Step By Step Drawing for Kids: step by step drawing for kids

These worksheets are so cute and he absolutely loves them. I love that I can print them over and over again – and because there are 50, they last awhile.

It’s a win win, people.

And, because I’m a giver, I’m sharing two of them for free right here for you.

Bam, I must really love you.

Also, if you want the full pack, it’s in the shop and super affordable.

How To Draw Animals for Kids:

step by step drawing for kids

I think the animals in this pack are so cute. There are 30 different animals, including octopus, giraffe, duck, lamb, pig, dolphin, turtle and more.

The octopus and turtle are two of my faves.

step by step drawing for kids

How To Draw Automobiles for Kids:

Okay, not all of these are automobiles, but they are all something that move in some fashion. From monster trucks to hot air balloons, and even an ice cream truck, there are 20 directed drawing tutorials for things that go, for your digger loving, dump truck obsessed little artist.

step by step drawing for kids

How To Use These Worksheets:

Seriously couldn’t be easier. Download, print, and go, people. That’s it. I love keeping things easy. Especially now, when we are living in some kind of extended Twilight Zone.

Have fun with the freebies! If you want more, you know where to find them.

Reach out if you have any questions.

There’s a lot more freebies on the site. You might also like these:

Have a fabulous day,


step by step drawing for kids


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