What Is Your Moon Sign & What Does It Mean?

moon sign

I’ll be honest, for most of my life the most I knew about astrology was from horoscope columns in magazines. Turns out, those zodiac signs based on our birthdays are actually known as our sun signs – or where the sun was in the sky at the precise time we were born – and it only gives you part of the picture. Your moon sign is not only different, but it can share even more insight into your deeper self.

Today we’re going to dig deep and bare our beautiful souls by looking at what moon signs are, how you can find yours and what it can tell you about yourself (or others).

What is a Moon Sign?

moon sign

Many people identify with their sun sign – such as Taurus or Leo, but don’t know much about their moon sign and what it reveals about them.

Since the moon orbits the earth every 27.5 days, it travels into a new sign every 2.5 days, so your moon sign is usually different from your sun sign and together, they can give a more complete picture of your personality, moods and much more.

For example, I’m a Taurus with a Gemini moon. This is sometimes called The Cerebral Bull and is described as being “calm and attentive, with a penchant for cheeky and witty antics.” The description on goes on to describe my personality more accurately than any Zodiac sign description or horoscope ever has. That’s because together, our sun and moon signs can give an even more complete picture of our personalities, communication style, moods, and even character.

I happen to love learning more about myself and the people around me – which is also something that my personality profile discusses, too – saying that The Cerebral Bull is “somewhat detached from their emotions in a way that allows them to psychoanalyze themselves.” Wow.

How To Find Your Moon Sign:

I find this kind of thing really interesting. If you’d like to find your moon sign, too, check out this free moon sign calculator and then come back and read what it means.

You’ll want to be accurate as much as possible with your time of birth – since the moon’s orbit is so fast – your moon sign could be different if you were born early in the morning or late at night. So, someone born on the same day as you could actually have a completely different moon sign.

Once you’ve determined your moon sign, you can read more about it below! See how these attributes can wind up or tone down your sign sign or they can give you a peak into the inner workings of someone you know!

The 12 Moon Signs:

moon sign

Aries Moon: 
Aries are hot-headed, stubborn and know what they want emotionally (or at least what they don’t want). Often impulsive, Aries moons are very passionate in relationships, romantic or otherwise. They thrive on spontaneity and excitement. They can also be overly competitive, sometimes to a fault.

Taurus Moon: 
Taurus moons are a slow burn. They are the epitome of sensuality and they love those cozy vibes – the truest of homebodies. Luxury and indulgence are their middle names. Taurus moons love emotional depth and stability.

Gemini Moon:
Lunar Geminis are witty and charming – even with the deep and important things. Communication is key with them, and emotional connection with others is highly valued and needed. Room for expression and creativity is also very important or else they can get snappy and irritable.

Cancer Moon: 
The ultimate lunar alignment – Cancer is ruled by the moon and feels at home in this sign. They need comfort and supportive safety, and a place to release their emotional needs. Security is so important for this placement, as well as dependability and an understanding of their moodiness.

Leo Moon: 
Lunar Leos have an intense need to create, and they work diligently to show their gifts. They are organized, like being the center of attention and are proud. They are generous and love to share. When wronged, though, they can be dramatic and hold intense grudges.

Virgo Moon: 
Security is the Lunar Virgo’s middle name. They need unified, straightened out details and a great routine. They use systems to support themselves and others emotionally, and are generous with their service and care for others. Helping others is how they often fill their own cup.

Libra Moon: 
Partnerships are front and center with Libras, romantic, platonic, or otherwise. Their peace is found in the harmony they cultivate in relationships. They are charming and magnetic to others, and oftentimes idealistic to a fault.

Scorpio Moon: 
Perhaps one of the most infamous, Scorpio moons are the epitome of intensity and transformation. They dive right into their emotions, and they dive deep. They are strong, and they work hard to control themselves and their environment. They have incredible gut instincts and have an inner knowing that is incomparable to many other signs.

Sagittarius Moon:
The biggest theme for lunar Sags is freedom. That means freedom in all aspects, most importantly in their personal lives. They are exploratory, and have an intense curiosity for the world. They want to be their best selves, and work very hard to become that. They like to teach others, but can come off as know-it-alls. They are the ultimate free-spirits.

Capricorn Moon: 
Capricorns keep cool, even if they are quite emotional under the surface. They are dedicated and realistic, valuing consistency and loyalty. Goal setting and achievement are keystones and they work hard with personal development and evolution. They can come off as non-emotional and cold, but often they are very devoted, regardless of how aloof they seem.

Aquarius Moon: 
Idealist, progressive, and invested in the collective are the keystones of emotion in lunar Aquarians. They are very observant, often acting in ways they feel they would get praise for from others as opposed to how they actually want to act. They are charming, stubborn, and full of pride.

Pisces Moon: 
Those with the moon in Pisces are emotional sponges. They are moody, sensitive, and have their heads in the clouds. They easily put themselves in others shoes, and are top notch at empathy and caring for others even though they can’t always do that for themselves.


What do you think about your moon sign? Do you feel like it gives you a more complete picture of who you are?

Share your sun and moon signs in the comments below!

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*This post was written in collaboration with Kim Madry. You can find her at www.madrycreative.com.



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