88 Smart & Sassy Girl Names That Start With S!

girl names that start with s

girl names that start with s

For years, my favorite girl name was Scarlett Sophia. I always thought that if I were ever blessed with a daughter, that would be her name. 

But, funny things happen when you have to agree on a name with another person. 

Sometimes, I have a little bit of baby name regret that I didn’t use my favorite girl names that start with S. 

There’s just something about S names for girls – maybe because so many of my favorite words to describe the perfect girl start with S too, like smart, sassy, spunky, and sweet. 

The letter S just rolls off your tongue, making it a sophisticated selection for a girl name starting with S. 

Sorry, that was a lot of words starting with S. 

Let’s take a look at my curated of only the best girl names that start with S!

The Best Girl Names That Start with S: 

girl names that start with s

  1. Sabrina
  2. Sasha
  3. Sade
  4. Sadie – love love this one!
  5. Sadiya
  6. Saffron
  7. Sage
  8. Sahara
  9. Sailor
  10. Saison
  11. Sakura
  12. Sala
  13. Salena
  14. Sally
  15. Salome
  16. Sam
  17. Samara – I adore Sami as a nickname and this is so chic!
  18. Samantha
  19. Samiah
  20. Sandra
  21. Sanna
  22. Saoirse
  23. Saphire
  24. Sara
  25. Sarah
  26. Sari
  27. Savannah
  28. Savi
  29. Sawyer
  30. Scarlett – my love!
  31. Scotty
  32. Seraphina
  33. Seine
  34. Selah
  35. Selena
  36. Selene
  37. Selma
  38. Senna
  39. September
  40. Sera
  41. Serena
  42. Serenity
  43. Shae
  44. Shana
  45. Shanelle
  46. Shasta
  47. Shayna
  48. Sheena
  49. Sheila
  50. Shelby
  51. Shelly
  52. Sheridan
  53. Shiloh
  54. Shira
  55. Shoshanna
  56. Sia
  57. Sibyl
  58. Sidney
  59. Sienna
  60. Sierra
  61. Silvia
  62. Simone
  63. Siobhan
  64. Siri
  65. Skye
  66. Skyla
  67. Skylar
  68. Slate
  69. Sloane
  70. Sophia
  71. Sol
  72. Solara
  73. Soleil
  74. Sonnet
  75. Sophie
  76. Stacia
  77. Stacy
  78. Star
  79. Stasia
  80. Stella
  81. Stephanie
  82. Stevie
  83. Suki
  84. Sullivan
  85. Summer
  86. Suri
  87. Sylvia
  88. Sylvie


Do you love girl names that start with S? I think these are some of my favorite names ever. 

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Have a fabulous day 


girl names that start with s

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