65 Beautiful Girl Names That Start with “B”!

girl names that start with b

girl names that start with b

My favorite girl names ever start with the letter B. But, because of our last name, I decided it was best to leave the B names for other lucky little girls. 

Even still, B girl names have a special place in my heart. Particularly the name Brielle. 



So, today’s baby name blog post is dedicated to the best and most beautiful girl names that start with “B”!

I hope you’ll use one of these for me. 

The world needs more girls with B names. 

The Best Girl Names That Start with B: 

girl names that start with b

  1. Babette
  2. Baila
  3. Bailey
  4. Baldwin
  5. Balia
  6. Bara
  7. Bardot
  8. Basilia
  9. Batya
  10. Bea
  11. Beatrice
  12. Becca
  13. Beck
  14. Behati
  15. Belen
  16. Belia
  17. Bella
  18. Bellamy
  19. Belle
  20. Bellerose
  21. Bentley
  22. Beth
  23. Bernadette
  24. Bess
  25. Bethenny
  26. Bette
  27. Beverly
  28. Bianca
  29. Billie
  30. Birdie
  31. Blaine
  32. Blair
  33. Blaise
  34. Blake 
  35. Blakeley
  36. Blanca
  37. Blythe
  38. Brady
  39. Brae
  40. Braelyn
  41. Brandi
  42. Brea
  43. Breanna
  44. Bree
  45. Brenley
  46. Bria
  47. Brianna
  48. Briar
  49. Bridget
  50. Briella
  51. Brielle
  52. Brienna
  53. Brighton
  54. Brigitte
  55. Briley
  56. Brini
  57. Brinkley
  58. Briony
  59. Bristol
  60. Britt
  61. Brittany
  62. Brooke
  63. Brooklyn
  64. Brylie
  65. Brynn


Do you have a favorite girl name that starts with the letter B? I was surprised by some of the names I saw on other lists. I try not to fill my name lists with a bunch of random names most people would never pick. 

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Have a fabulous day, 


girl names that start with b


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